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/ 193 days ago

Lionel Messi ventures into eSports as co-owner with Kun Aguero

Many athletes, notably soccer players, are exploring esports as a new competitive arena. Several professional players, including Iago Aspas, Azpilicueta, Casemiro, and David de Gea, are either sole or joint proprietors of an esports organization. Outside of Spain, Sergio Aguero, formerly of Barcelona and Manchester City, owns the most well-known team, KRU Esports of Argentina. […]


/ 200 days ago

Saudi Arabia to host Esports World Cup in the summer of 2024

Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the inaugural Esports World Cup in the summer of 2024. It should be an interesting preparation ahead of the 2034 FIFA World Cup, which Saudi Arabia will be hosting. Australia backed out of a bid to host the competition, making Saudi Arabia the only candidate to host the competition. […]

EA Sports FC

/ 203 days ago

1.6 billion matches have been played on EAFC 24 in first month

Electronic Arts has officially unveiled some impressive statistics regarding their new soccer video game EAFC 24. According to the publisher, 1.6 billion soccer matches have already been played in the game since its release. EA Sports FC 24 has only been available to the public since September 29th. EA also released several other statistics on […]


/ 394 days ago

Riqui Puig among investors in new soccer esports game

Swedish company GOALS revealed that they have raised $20 million to help create a new self-titled soccer video game. This investment was led by venture capital Seven Seven Six. The firm is headed by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. Along with Ohanian's group, the massive funding was also helped by fellow firms Northzone, Moonfire, and Cassius. […]
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/ 452 days ago

Schalke among the driving forces for growing Esports scene

COVID changed the soccer world. Clubs couldn’t rely on ticket sales as teams moped around empty, depressing stadiums. Revenue from broadcasting became vital, and streaming services gained more power. It also changed many teams’, and leagues’, business plans. With empty stadiums, the associated revenue from ticket sales and concessions is dormant. As a result, teams […]


/ 794 days ago

FIFA and esports: A new age of competition

FIFA and esports represent a growing industry surrounding professional video game players. The potential of video games is seemingly boundless. Accredit much of that to the fact that it is relatively new, but it also opens a variety of doors for potential. For example, take what the FIFA video game series provides fans of the […]