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English Football

/ 78 days ago

Soccer in the UK to resume on Tuesday, EPL returns Friday

Soccer across the UK resumes early next week across all competitions. Earlier this week, soccer leagues in the country suspended matches due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. Games remain postponed on Monday, including Monday's Leeds game against Nottingham Forest. However, scheduled matches return to action the following day. This does not […]

Soccer On TV

/ 122 days ago

Top 5 recommended games to watch this weekend

Despite the fact that Europe's major soccer leagues return in a week, there are recommended games galore to watch this weekend. In fact, this weekend puts a wrap on the summer schedule, and acts as a prelude to the main European season. For example, there are notable summer friendlies this weekend. Simultaneously, one of the […]

2022/23 Championship table prediction: Make your picks

Part of the buildup in this year's season of English soccer is how each fan predicts the 2022/23 EFL Championship. No, it is not the Premier League. However, the case can be made that it is wildly more unpredictable and exciting, particularly from a neutral perspective. Each season, any one club could clinch promotion to […]


/ 174 days ago

Soccer games coming to ESPN+ in June

ESPN+ has a hefty number of soccer games coming in June. For most of the world, the summer months are time for friendlies and international competitions. Of course, with the World Cup scheduled for November of this year rather than the summer, there might seem like even more of a void than usual. However, this […]


/ 428 days ago

Is soccer the greatest sport ever invented?

It's hard to truly estimate the population of those who play the sport. But, in 2007, FIFA did its best. The world body approximated roughly 265 million people actively play the sport. No doubt, soccer earns its reputation as the world's game. That number undoubtedly bounces up or down with time and trends. For example, […]


/ 456 days ago

Disney Bundle essential for soccer fans and families

The Disney Bundle offers seemingly unrivaled value. And, in a market as deep as soccer streaming, the bundle now seems essential. In present times, streaming services dominate the soccer market. Consequentially, that often means purchasing multiple subscriptions to quench our thirsts for European soccer. One of those programs comes through ESPN+, which offers an array […]