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Ted Lasso

/ 444 days ago

Ted Lasso ice cream available featuring 'Biscuits With The Boss'

A Ted Lasso ice cream flavor has hit the United States. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has created a new flavor called Biscuits with the Boss. The flavor is a combination of broken shortbread cookies with a buttery sweet cream. Owner Jeni Britton claims that the fresh flavor “transports you to the sidelines of a UK […]


/ 606 days ago

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond playable in FIFA 23

Ted Lasso and the rest of the AFC Richmond crew are playable as a team in the upcoming FIFA 23.

Apple TV

/ 885 days ago

Ted Lasso's Christmas Short bringing quirky charisma to holidays

Ted Lasso's Christmas short is the newest release for the now critically acclaimed Apple TV+ show. Everyone's favorite charismatic manager of AFC Richmond has a short film about the manager and the club's holiday festivities. However, this is unlike the normal show that received nominations. In fact, this short film is animated. During the standard […]

Apple TV

/ 973 days ago

How ‘Ted Lasso’ became a hit with soccer moms and fútbol fans

Ted Lasso made his first appearance in American media via short skits on NBC Sports' YouTube channel to promote its coverage of English soccer. The fictional American soccer coach was featured for promotional purposes soon after NBC Sports acquired the rights to broadcast the Premier League in the United States. That was in 2013. Then, […]