An intriguing succession crisis has ensued after Jurgen Klopp’s upcoming exit from Liverpool. Many have been left wondering who will take over as manager of the legendary club.

A name who has been making waves in the soccer world recently is Ruben Amorim, a young manager whose career has been on the rise. But what makes Ruben Amorim such an attractive prospect for the highly sought-after role at Liverpool, and who is he anyway?

Amorim builds impressive resume in young career

In the world of soccer, Ruben Amorim has been creating waves with his unique tactics and remarkable managing skills, even if he isn’t as well-known as some of his colleagues. Born in Lisbon in January 1985, he had a 14-year playing career before easily shifting to coaching.

During his playing career, Amorim played in the midfield for teams like Sporting Lisbon, Braga, and Benfica. He has started to carve out his legacy, nevertheless, in his job as a coach.

Upon retiring in 2016, Amorim lost little time in transitioning to a managerial role. He swiftly obtained his coaching badges and set out on a path that would swiftly lead to his promotion.

Casa Pia, a team in Portugal’s third level, hired him as their head coach in 2019. That marked his first significant coaching position. Portuguese behemoths Sporting Lisbon were quick to notice Amorim’s tactical aptitude and leadership skills despite his lack of experience. After failing to live up to expectations in previous years, Amorim was given the responsibility of reviving Sporting as manager in March 2020.

Amorim was instrumental in Sporting Lisbon’s dramatic rise to prominence. He guided the Leões to their first Primeira Liga championship in over twenty years in 2020-2021. Especially using his own style of play defined by controlled offensive play and well-organized defensive frameworks.

One of the most promising young managers in Europe, he won over players and fans with his tactical versatility, meticulousness, and proficiency in managing his team’s personnel.

What can Ruben Amorim offer Liverpool?

Amorim offers a fresh perspective on the game, which distinguishes him from other potential managers. He boldly chooses aggressive methods that target his opponents’ vulnerabilities and isn’t hesitant to experiment with formations and tactics. The ability to adjust to new situations and bring out the best in his players has been a hallmark of his management career. The 39-year-old has since garnered praise from both colleagues and the media.

Top European teams are taking notice of Amorim, although his coaching record isn’t as vast as others connected to the Liverpool position. This is due to his impressive career trajectory and his indisputable success at Sporting Lisbon.

If Liverpool were to hire him, it would be a strong message from the club’s owners that they are ready to welcome a new era with a coach who is both youthful and modern.

Naturally, some feel strongly that Amorim should not be hired to lead Liverpool. Not everyone believes he has what it takes to handle one of the most prestigious positions in sports. They often cite his relative inexperience at the top level of European soccer as evidence.

But fans of his work, nevertheless, can attest to his qualifications for the position by praising his strategic mind. He also can lead his teams to victory and has relentless persistence.

Ruben Amorim’s appointment as the Reds’ next manager is, in the end, up to the club’s leadership. He isn’t the most well-known choice, but he has a proven record of success and room to improve.

It surely makes him a strong contender for a team looking to rebuild after losing a beloved manager. Regardless of his fate regarding the position, it is clear that Ruben Amorim’s career is taking off.