Gianluca Busio, a midfielder for the United States national team, scored the game-winning goal for Venezia in their promotion campaign to Serie A.

The 21-year-old produced a spectacular goal that put his side back in the battle for promotion to the top division.

The team from Venice is in a desperate situation as the Serie B season comes to a close.

Entering the last month of games, they are three points behind Como for automatic promotion. Before what promises to be a thrilling season finale, they still have four games left on the schedule to attempt to establish a rhythm.

One American, Tanner Tessmann, was instrumental in last week’s pivotal three points for Venezia in Serie B. The spotlight was on Gianluca Busio this week. In a 2-1 away win against Lecco, Busio scored the game-winning goal for Venezia, who are still in the promotion hunt.

The USMNT midfielder helped keep the Orange-Black-Greens three points behind second-place Como in the race for Serie A automatic promotion. In the match, both Tessmann and Busio contributed for the whole 90 minutes.

After falling down 1-0 at halftime, Paolo Vanoli’s players mounted a remarkable comeback and ultimately won the match. Even though Joel Pohjanpalo had leveled the score in the 58th minute, the visitors went up 2-1 thanks to a goal from Busio just two minutes later.

USMNT duo vital for success

With the victory, Venezia would take their league record to 19 wins and 64 points for the season. If the squad keep playing as they did on Saturday, they will definitely still be in the promotion hunt with four games remaining.

The success of Venezia this season has hinged on Busio and Tessmann, who must maintain their essential minutes. If Friday’s encounter is any indication, the Lagunari will be playing in their most crucial game of the season.

In a matchup between two teams vying for promotion by default, they welcome fourth-place Cremonese. So far, the Winged Lions have been absolutely dominating Serie B. Which bodes well for their chances of making it in Serie A.

Promotion to Serie A is in the balance
Promotion to Serie A is in the balance

Promotion to Serie A is in the balance

What Venezia need to earn promotion?

Tessmann combines elements of both Michael Bradley and Walker Zimmerman, sharing their vicious competitive spirit but surpassing them both in terms of his ability to control the ball. Meanwhile, skilled and smart in his game reading, Busio passes the ball with ease.

They are able to out-range any of the team’s current starters. Additionally, they are both bold. The two of them are equally bold.

They give it their best go at challenging situations. On last week’s goal, Tessmann almost blasted the ball out of the net with a half-volley from within the 18-yard box; Busio had excellent awareness in his assist.

They have worked their way up in a steady, methodical manner. As opposed to merely plunging players into the deep end and hoping for the best, that often sets them up for more success down the road.

Ideally, Venezia would want Parma or Como to make a mistake. Finishing in second place will make the road ahead much easier. At this moment, the deciding factor is an extra-time goal from March 3rd’s match between Venezia and Como.

Given their superior goal differential, Venezia would have clinched the automatic berth had the match resulted in a tie. It only demonstrates how competitive the promotion process is.

Photo credit: IMAGO / LaPresse