Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou has defended his club’s decision to increase season ticket prices in the coming months. Spurs recently revealed that they were rising season tickets for the 2024/25 campaign by 6%. The most affordable adult season ticket is currently about $1,027. However, the same seat will soon cost fans $1,089.

Along with price hikes on tickets, the north London side also announced that they will be removing certain concessions at their stadium. The concession in question happens to be for new senior season ticket holders aged 65 and older. The move will take place from the start of the 2025/26 season.

The news has, quite predictably, not gone down well with a large portion of the club’s fanbase. In fact, the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust labeled the decisions as “unacceptable” and “hugely disappointing.”

Postecoglou dismisses notion that club is targeting foreign fans

Select fans and pundits believe that the moves by Spurs ultimately come down to the club targeting foreign fans. In fact, some claim that loyal but less wealthy fans will now be priced out of a season ticket. These seats, in turn, would then be purchased by tourists or “plastic” fans.

Postecoglou, however, believes that this notion is particularly cruel. “See that’s really harsh,” the coach proclaimed when asked if Spurs were specifically targeting foreign fans.

“I’ll tell you why: Because I’m probably ‘plastic’ and ‘tourist’ because I was coming from the other side of the world really passionate about football and if I could get access to see a Premier League game, that was the world to me.”

“This football club has supporters all over the world, has supporters all over the UK that don’t always get access to the games of people who live here.”

The Greek/Australian manager was then directly asked exactly what kind of fans he wants in the stands for Spurs games. “I want Spurs supporters in the stand, mate – I don’t just want anybody in there,” continued Postecoglou. “I want people who are passionate about the football club, I want the stadium to reflect the attachment that they have.”

“Supporters have a voice and they are allowed to use that to express how they feel. They can use that in the stadium or through other avenues. I’m never going to dictate how they should behave or what they should adhere to.”

Spurs season ticket prices increase despite matchday revenue on the rise

The decision to raise season ticket prices is unfortunately not exactly a surprising move by Spurs. Clubs, particularly the top teams, quite regularly increase costs for match-going fans. The Premier League side tried to justify the move by claiming that they have only raised season ticket prices once in the last five years. Spurs also pointed to a “significant increase in matchday costs” as well.

Nevertheless, fans will undoubtedly look to a recently revealed revenue report by the club. Data shows that Spurs has actually increased their matchday revenue each season since moving into Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This, however, obviously does not count the 2020/21 campaign affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credits: IMAGO / Sportimage