There have been reports circulating this week that Barcelona fire manager Xavi Hernandez, and the speculations have only intensified since.

He has a contract that lasts until 2025, so the 44-year-old will be in charge for the next season, as he revealed last month. Despite having announced his resignation once the campaign’s conclusion came, he will now continue in his role.

But there was talk about Xavi‘s future before the Almeria match. Thus, now the newest rumor has it that Joan Laporta is planning to dismiss the boss. There has been no change, according to Barcelona; nonetheless, ESPN still maintains that they might axe Xavi

Why do Barcelona want to fire Xavi now?

They also add that the club president has never really trusted the coach. Supposedly, there are two main reasons why the president is so dissatisfied and furious with Xavi.

The first is because of what the Spaniard said before the game. When compared to what the coach said to the board in a meeting before announcing his stay, Laporta thinks there’s a huge difference.

The win against Almeria strengthened Barca’s hold on second place, and the manager was quick to defend his remarks after the clash. “I said what I think. The economic situation is not the best. But we will still aspire to the maximum. I’m looking forward to next season to win titles”, he said.

“They haven’t said anything to me personally. The sports vice president traveled with us. I only said what is real, that we are going to fight for all the titles, with ambition, but that the situation is not easy. It doesn’t change our reality.”

The second alleged reason is that Laporta is not pleased because the club went through great pains to acquire players without the coach reaping any benefits.

Xavi’s dismissal to affect his replacement?

However, the Blaugrana may incur significant expenses if they decide to fire their manager.

If Xavi were to leave at the conclusion of the season, he would do so without demanding anything in return. He has already said publicly that he would “never be a problem for the club” in that regard.

But it is easy to see the coach reconsidering such a kind attitude in light of Laporta’s crystal-clear betrayal of the trust he believed he had. If Barca part ways with Xavi this summer, Marca reports that he will be entitled $16 million and his staff an additional $5 million; especially since he feels the club humiliated them.

There is speculation on how much it would cost Barcelona is Xavi is sacked.
There is speculation on how much it would cost Barcelona is Xavi is sacked.

There is speculation on how much it would cost Barcelona is Xavi is sacked.

In contrast, Relevo claims that the real sum would be closer to a total of $13 million. It has been stated that three managers have been shortlisted to replace Xavi.

However, the decision to pay off the 44-year-old and his staff might impact who succeeds him. There isn’t much room in their budget for Hansi Flick, and if they did, Rafael Marquez would have

Were Laporta to have just accepted Xavi’s choice to leave, they would have all avoided this whole mess. But the current turn of events sets the stage for yet another complex situation.

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