Interest in the off-pitch activities of footballers is nothing new, and Endrick’s relationship contract with his girlfriend has caught the attention of fans.

A new sensation from Brazil made his debut last month under the iconic Wembley arch. Endrick became the latest member of an exclusive club of Brazilian superstars—including Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Neymar—to score an international goal while still a teenager.

After intense competition from other elite teams, including Chelsea, Real Madrid were able to recruit the highly-coveted adolescent. It will make him the Spanish giants’ newest rising star.

The exact amount paid by Madrid to Brazilian club Palmeiras for Endrick is unknown. However, rumor has it that they paid $37 million up front and another $27 million in performance-based transfer bonuses. He was just 16 years old when he signed the deal.

But regulations forbid foreign players from joining European teams before they turn eighteen. Therefore, he can’t join the Spanish team until July. So, for Los Blancos supporters, Endrick’s goal against England was just the icing on the cake.

What kind of ‘contract’ do Endrick and girlfriend have?

Almost two years have passed, and now they will soon finally get their chance to see their newest prodigy play on the sacred Santiago Bernabeu field. Many superstars have had the pleasure of performing at this stadium over the years.

However, Palmeiras still have the player on their books for the time being. Furthermore, it seems that he is also under a contract with his model/influencer girlfriend, who is 21 years old.

As a young player, you hear more about the sensation’s exploits on the field and less about his personal life. But recently, in a Brazilian media interview, the 17-year-old striker discussed his relationship with his girlfriend.

The future Real Madrid star and his partner discussed their ‘contract’ on the podcast Pod Delas. Gabriela, a friend of the player, drafted the ‘contract’, as Endrick disclosed. The agreement has certain provisions.

First, it states that in order for a couple to be in a committed relationship, they need to make an effort to have an emotional bond based on mutual regard, understanding, and love. The second part deals with forbidden activities, such as substance abuse or sudden behavioral changes, that the couple must avoid.

Additionally, they are obligated to say “I love you” and certain phrases are taboo in their discussions. Words like “um,” “ahem,” “OK,” and “kkk” are off-limits. In the event that one side does not fulfill their end of the agreement, the ‘guilty’ party must provide a gift to the other.

“Whoever does not respect these rules must, at the end of the month, give what the other wants. For example, I asked for an Apple headset and she gave it to me,” Endrick explained.

Palmeiras coach warns player

The ‘contract’ between the two parties may have been well-intentioned. Nevertheless, Abel Ferreira, manager of Palmeiras, cautioned the younger player. The spotlight that Endrick’s private life is receiving scares him.

“I hope he [Endrick] stays focused on football and doesn’t get distracted by other things. If you want to reach higher levels, you have to focus on what is essential”, he explained.

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