HBO Max is a quiet home for soccer coverage, and it could easily continue to grow. Anchored by coverage of the United States men’s and women’s national teams, HBO Max is the exclusive home to select games.

Of course, HBO Max is not selective to soccer coverage. The majority of the platform’s subscribers likely use it to stream HBO’s hit shows and movies. However, just for fans of the American soccer scene, HBO Max is necessary for the ultimate follower.

Also, internationally, HBO Max has other soccer coverage. For example, in Mexico, HBO Max has coverage of the UEFA Champions League.

Watch USMNT and USWNT on HBO Max

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HBO Max starts at $9.99 per month. This option does have ads, and an ad-free version is $6 on top of that base fee.

HBO Max soccer coverage

In the United States, HBO Max soccer coverage stems from the US Soccer deal with Warner Bros Discovery, the parent company of HBO Max. While this deal does put games on Bleacher Report, TNT or TBS, national team games often land on HBO Max.

As of now, HBO Max provides access to USMNT and USWNT friendlies and a few competitions. For example, on the men’s side, HBO Max had coverage of the USMNT games in the CONCACAF Nations League group stage. Other nations, such as Mexico or Canada, had coverage on Paramount+, the home of the Nations League Finals. Yet, before then, friendlies against Uruguay and Serbia appeared on the HBO Max platform.

On the women’s side, the first live soccer games to appear on HBO Max in the United States were USWNT friendlies against New Zealand in January 2023. Plus, there are several games coming up on HBO Max involving the USMNT and USWNT.

Oftentimes, TNT or TBS broadcast these games on TV. Then, they are sometimes simulcast on HBO Max.

More than just soccer

As stated, HBO Max’s biggest draw for the average American is not soccer. Instead, it is the plethora of content, including exclusive shows and movies, that is available on HBO Max. Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Succession, The Last of Us, Euphoria, The White Lotus and more are all available on HBO Max. In terms of movies, the Harry Potter franchise, the Creed series and more are all part of the HBO Max catalog.