Asking what the best domestic league in Europe is a fairly broad question. Different leagues have the best club, best fanbases, best title race, best European race or relegation battle.

So, which one do we mean? For all intents and purposes, yes. This question focuses on what you, the reader, perceive as the best domestic league in Europe. Considering all those factors, which league is the most enthralling from start to finish.

Now, the case can be made that no one league specializes in all those aforementioned factors. However, some certainly stand out against others. For example, in regards to the best clubs in one league, the Premier League has a pretty stark advantage over something like France’s Ligue 1. That being said, supporters in Germany are more vibrant and passionate than those in England. That is, at least, from top to bottom, on average.

Of course, if you support a certain club, chances are you reckon its domestic league is the best. This is particularly true of Premier League fans. the Seemingly unending drama associated with the league involves every team in some form of drama.

On a personal anecdote, that theory is not always true. I support Barcelona, and I watch each of the club’s games. Even then, I believe LaLiga is no where close to as entertaining or exciting as the Premier League each season.

What is the best domestic league in Europe?

Now, we want to know your opinion. Many of the readers and listeners here at World Soccer Talk seem to lean in favor of the Premier League. To be fair, it is the most popular European league over in the United States, and it is perhaps the easiest to watch with games regularly on TV instead of solely streaming.

Try to keep in mind all the factors mentioned previously, plus any others that may pop up in your deliberation.

PHOTO: Alex Caparros – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images