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Why Have There Been More Injuries This Premier League Season?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

If someone was counting the number of times a stretcher has come on the pitch this Premier League season, I have a strong suspicion that this would be a record breaking season for all the wrong reasons. Watching the very … Continue reading

Stay Fit, Keep Xabi, Masch: Liverpool Can Win… part 2

Posted on by Ethan Armstrong

Click here for Part 1 Last season, Gerrard and Torres missed substantial chunks of play. And Liverpool suffered for it. When they were both fit, Liverpool hit some astounding results: v. Real Madrid: 4-0; v. Chelsea 2-0; v. Villa 5-0; … Continue reading

The Curse Of Michael Owen

Posted on by Ethan Armstrong

In 2004, he left Liverpool for Real Madrid in search of Champions League glory. Early on, Madrid mostly shackled him to their bench and later ducked out to Juventus in the first knock-out round. The Liverpool players bounced on the … Continue reading

Serie A Match Day One Predictions

Posted on by Kevin Walker

Let the GAMES BEGIN! Okay I’m sure you’re all wondering what are we doing at Serie A Talk, predictions with no club previews? Well there are tons of sites offering previews and they all sound very similar so if you want the low-down I’ll … Continue reading