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FOX’s Coverage of Premier League Brings Soccer to a Whole New Audience

Posted on by Earl Reed

Monday morning, the day we all tend to dread. Roll out of bed, put on your threads and head off to either work or school to put in your “eight hours.” For Americans like myself, one of the first talking … Continue reading

Dear Fox Soccer Channel(s): an Open Letter For the New Season

Posted on by Phillip Badger

Within the last 12 months, you’ve done a lot to enhance your product and the growth of the game. The launch of the HD channel and Fox Soccer Plus, while not by any means perfect, have been a major plus. … Continue reading

Poll: Will Man United or Chelsea Win the 2010 Community Shield?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

The next Premier League season doesn’t begin until Saturday, August 14 but as soon as the first ball is kicked in the Community Shield, the English top flight football calendar officially opens. Tomorrow we’ll see Manchester United compete against Chelsea … Continue reading

Fox's New Channel to Be Baptized Fox Soccer Plus?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

With the exclusive story earlier this week reporting that Fox Soccer Channel is in talks with Setanta Sports to acquire the US company, EPL Talk has found evidence that Fox has trademarked the name Fox Soccer Plus (and also the … Continue reading