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  1. Warp Wrap (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 41

    What a weekend of quality in the Premier League. The pod had to wait for the United – City game though: normal scheduling will return this week. United looked confident whilst City looked defiant. Who wins overall in Manchester? The … Continue reading

  2. The Last Run (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 38

    As the Premier League enters the final stretch of the season the podcast are feeling the burn too. Are you? International football only continued the intensity of the campaign, but heightened our taste for the final goal. So who rose … Continue reading

  3. Bale-Out (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 33

    Chelsea visited Manchester United and politics followed. Rafa didn’t get a handshake from Sir Alex as the manager tried to hide his frustration at another collapse in Manchester. Frustration on Fergie’s part is understandable. Rafa coming away as the more … Continue reading

  4. Real-ly (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 32

    Multiple competitions can be cruel at any one time, oh how a season can change. Yet, United fans still have two competitions to look on favourably as they saw their team crash out of the Champions League unceremoniously, through a … Continue reading

  5. Faux-Cup (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 27

    A strange time of the season as football builds up and managers begin to look at fixture lists to rotate with an intense expression, which has changed from the start of the season. This is an expression of deep thought … Continue reading