1. Welcome Back! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 6

    International break over, so it’s good to have your company again. In fact, the league has been preparing for you. Managers making adjustments, closing windows and working out where things fit best. Some have worked it out, others are clearly … Continue reading

  2. New New (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 5 copy

    New managers mean new rivalries and these kinda rivalries are good ones to have as the Premier League actually has a Super Sunday. A London Derby and something so much more in the North-West. New vs Old. Old, becoming new. … Continue reading

  3. Nick Geber Interview (Voices Of Soccer)

    VoS Artwork 2

    Kartik Krishnaiyer recently sat down with World Soccer Radio host Nick Geber for the second episode of the new weekly World Soccer Talk interview show, Voices of Soccer. In this audio episode, Krishnaiyer and Geber discuss a range of topics including … Continue reading

  4. Second Day Blues (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 4

    The season is back and didn’t you just miss it? In section one we evaluate Arsenal and their derby-day win against Fulham.  Have reports of the Gunners demise been grossly exaggerated? Meanwhile Cardiff City Dragons announced themselves in the top … Continue reading