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FACUP (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The FA Cup often marks a watershed in the season. It means a rest from the usual EPL analysis and format in the UK but also some change in the feel of the matches. A good time to look at the teams out of their comfort zone a little and […]

Refresh Your Buttons (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Happy New Year from the podcast! It is gonna be a good one. And we’d love to hear how you want to move the podcast forward this year. Get involved, comment, tweet and have fun with it. Manchester look strong whilst London stumble and feed into the idea that time […]

2012 Ends Now (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Warning: This is not a year review. The pod just get a bit nostalgic. With so much going on for each team it is understandable that some are suffering in this time. Villa, Newcastle and QPR. Winning out: Chelsea and United. The pod also take a look at 2012 over […]

Presenting (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

When it comes to Christmas football it tends to help if you try to look at it without the Christmas: just focus on the celebration and sheer amount of football happening. Then think about how the players deal with it. This is a busy time for football and it doesn’t […]

Holiday For Some! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Not everyone has to celebrate Christmas to bask in the light of a Barclays Festive Behemoth, so the pod gather around the flaming wreck of Aston Villa and take a look at the action of the weekend. First up, Chelsea. They then move to Manchester and take a look at […]

Point Pick-up Game (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

In Wednesday’s pod we let Matt take charge of things as Chelsea visit Leeds. Rafa Benitez has now seen 17 goals during his tenure as Chelsea manager – is this enough to appease those Blues fans that wanted him out before he’d taken charge of his first game? Elsewhere, Arsenal […]

Conversion Conversation (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

In Sunday’s pod we start be analysing Chelsea’s unfortunate 1-0 defeat at the hands of Corinthians. The Brazilian side needed a single goal to win the game in Rafa Benitez’s final game (see what we did there?) as Chelsea manger. We also dissected Saturday’s lunchtime affair in which a plucky […]

Cuptastrophe’s (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Well the undoubted story of the week was Bradford’s scalp of Arsenal in the Capital One Cup. The League two side took it all the way to penalties before Thomas Vermaelen’s miss made sure it would be the minnows celebrating. That has lead to some calling for Wenger’s head – […]

Me ‘n’ The Derbies (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Derby weekend and Super Sunday did some dominating, but to put that in context the rest of the league decided that football was back on the agenda for them too. All accept Stoke and Villa. This week the pod break down on tactics, goal celebrations and memeing. The featured game […]

Purse-pective (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

UCL is done for a lil’ while, are you licking your wounds or looking towards the draw? Both activities will make you look at your side and wonder how you got to be here. With that in mind the podcast take a look at the Champions League and what it […]

All The Better To Michu With (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Chelsea fans march on as Rafa feels his way into the role. No one knows what they expected from Rafa joining the club, but somehow here we are…Chelsea losing 3-1 to West Ham. History repeats itself in some ways. Sam looks happy as Benitez can’t quite see what he’s done […]

Mid-weekness (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It was the first round of mid-week games, with goals, gaffs, and torrential rain! Harry finally took the QPR dugout but was only able to get a draw on his debut – do you think the wheel….I mean ‘football manager’ can keep the Hoops up? Let us know in the […]

It Boourns (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The Premier League hierarchy maybe be changing yet again, managers come and go but the league remains. It does not remain stable though, as United go top whilst City and Chelsea look flat. Swansea draw with LFC. Newcastle drop to the Saints and Villa manage to hold Arsenal. There is […]

What’s Di Matte with them? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Sometimes things just end because it feels wrong, but sometimes things end because you are too scared to see what will happen. With that said, should RDM have gone from CFC? The pod discuss this in part one and look at the interim manager: Rafa Benitez, making a return to […]

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold… (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

…alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, okay now Wenger: we bon’ break this thing down for just a few seconds. So don’t have have me break this thing down for nothing, I want to see your team on their best behaviour, gimme some gum, I am your…podcaster. We are going […]

I thought you said billion… (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Wildly enjoyable international friendlies for all involved this week. Go to EPLTalk.com to see Zlatan’s goal: it’s worth the typing. But you’ve clicked, poked and hit to here so the pod decided to talk mo-nay in section one. What would you do with £5bn of money in a sport? Do […]

Motions Eleven (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

We’ve passed the ten game point in the Premier League and as we all say, it’s time to look at the sides in a wider context and break down where they have been and where they are headed this season. Some evaluations might sound a little harsh but this is […]

Lights Go Out (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The Champions League doesn’t let up this week. Instensity across Europe as English sides stall and stride, just in different ways. Manchester hasn’t been this contrasted in a while now, stark were the reactions to both results. Mancini furious as Fergie seemed to flick a (light) switch and his players […]

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MLS conference finals: Top seeds Dallas, New York hope for turnarounds at home

FC Dallas and the New York Red Bulls seek home triumphs Sunday in second-leg semifinal matches for a chance to launch themselves into next week’s Major League Soccer Cup final. The Portland Timbers beat Dallas 3-1 in last Sunday’s Western Conference semifinal opening leg while the Red Bulls fell 2-0 […]

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Rafael Benitez: Sam Allardyce comments about Liverpool’s Champions League win have no value

Rafael Benitez has hit back at claims from Sam Allardyce that he had nothing to do with Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League success. In a wide-ranging interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero, former Liverpool boss Benitez also revealed he was interested in signing Gareth Bale during his time at Anfield. […]