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Wolves and Whales (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The Champions League is back! With a BANG! AC Milan demolished Arsenal 4 – 0. In the pod today? Well, is it really all that bad to be beaten by the Italian Champions? A new team against another rebuilding side. Besides, 4 – 0 is just a bad day at […]

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Shake-Up (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

If happiness is valuable then Liverpool must be saving theirs up for a rainy day… Kenny Dalglish, Luis Suarez and the Anfield collective doing their best to share as much depression around the league as possible. Disappointing for a set of supporters who seemed ready to move on after realising […]

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What the? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

An incredible week in ‘Football News’ means that not much has happened on the pitch. Liverpool and Spurs played out a 0 – 0 whilst a cat became the highlight of Twitter on the night. On the news: Fabio gone and Harry should be in, but when and to what […]

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Super Bowl Soccer (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It is Super Bowl weekend! So we respectfully nod at that and move on with the biggest game on US television this weekend. Chelsea faced United at Stamford Bridge, AVB lost out on all three points as United gained the respect of the league by coming back to draw 3–3 […]

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Window Shopping (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

The Transfer Window has now slammed closed. We got excited and decided that it was time for an EPL Talk Special. With no ‘huge’ names changing hands the pod didn’t pour praise on any of these players. It’s a good thing, we have a stable season in the Premier League. […]

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The Grey Matters (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

When it comes to colours in football red and blue have to be the dominating shades. Especially this weekend, but grey is the subject this week as all of the grey areas in football seem to be expanding. To discuss that, the pod look at the Anfield Rap; London Calling; […]

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Cups, Cups, Cups (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

With so many cups in just one week, the EPL feels like it has been broken up. However, the FA Cup has become somewhat of a figure of fun in the English press, despite attempts to make it as nostalgic as it once was. With Liverpool progressing against City and […]

ID: 38803
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Under-Qualified and Over-Exposed (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Manchester manage the double over London sides, but have they assured their place at the top of the tree with such assured performances? Both Spurs and Arsenal gave good accounts of themselves, but in very different ways. We assess the angles and angst felt in London whilst Manchester looks forward […]

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Super Sunday Sounds Surprisingly Stimulating(EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Super Sunday comes but once/twice/thrice/quaice (delete as applicable) a season. So when it does come around we are all used to being very excited by it. But often it can let you down. Well, not this year – we’re all interested in the intricate narrative which weaves itself throughout the season. […]

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Think Inside The Box (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

With the league throwing up more shocks/stumbling blocks this weekend it appears that there is no such thing as a normal season anymore, we can’t get a consistent top side and we’re all disappointed with a draw…what has the league come to? This requires some inside the box thinking: analysing […]

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Midweek Games ARE Good Fun (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The Premier League shows no sign of slowing up in the coming weeks, even after a hectic holiday schedule. If anything it is getting more intense. So the pod is here to work out where it’s all going right for your side. This week Kristan Heneage and Matt Duncan cross-section; […]

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Return of the King…kladze FA Cup Weekend (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

In an extended podcast with 4 pundits, scattered around the world we discuss the return of Paul Scholes, Henry and the winning ways of Sir Alex. In a controversial and compelling game United ran out 3–2 winners. We pick over the bones and work out where both teams go from […]

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FA Cup Weekend (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It’s late, but the pod is finally here. This week we put four people into the conversation and discuss United vs. United; United vs. City; and Liverpool vs. The World. We also discuss the history of the FA Cup, what to expect in the 3rd round and why it is […]

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Happy New Year (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

On an extended pod we discuss Suarez, Sir Alex and Silva. With the ‘topsy-turvy’ results which have presented themselves it is clear that this holiday period has been full of surprises, not least for the high-flyers of the EPL. Sir Alex has floated the idea of three more years, does […]

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Kristan Heneage (EPL Talk Interview)

Today, Newcastle based journalist Kristan Heneage, who has seen his name spread across the football blogging world in 2011 featuring on EPL Talk, MLS Talk and FourFourTwo and The Guardian, to name a few. You know him as one of the voices on the podcast, but his knowledge stretches much […]

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Hungover? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

These match days could be remembered as when United took charge of the league. They’ve said it once and they’ll say it again. Don’t count them out. But not all is lost, at least there were some draws in there. This run of games is known for being up and […]

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Kartik Krishnaiyer (EPL Talk Interview)

EPL Talk sits down with Kartik Krishnaiyer to assess the season so far and look forward to 2012. Laurence McKenna hosts the EPL Talk pundit to cover Twitter; the blue moon rising; Liverpool’s fortunes; Tiote in Newcastle; and what ‘beauty’ has done to football. Tweet along with the podcast and […]

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The Gaffer (EPL Talk Interview)

In an EPL Talk Special we speak with the creator of the Talk Network – Christopher Harris, a.k.a. The Gaffer. We discuss the season so far and who he thinks deserve a special commendation in 2011. We also look at the highlights of the season so far and what The […]

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