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JFT96 (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The FA Cup final has two teams. It meant that thousands of people were left disappointed this weekend, as Chelsea and Liverpool progress to Wembley on the 5th of May. David Moyes and Harry Redknapp rue their missed chances, whilst an old cup competition rivalry is rekindled. The league ran […]

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The View From Wembley (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

With the FA Cup coming up this weekend and the title-race taking another turn, we’re in for yet another frantic weekend of football, rivalries ablaze! United might have slipped, but what does that mean for them? Experience over all: if so, are Liverpool automatically in the Cup final? With three […]

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Dissent is for losers (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Games come thick and fast at this point in the season. The pressure can often be too much to take. It seems to be increasing and showing more as Man City begin to crumble under the pressure. Long term demise or short-term blip? Both will decide the title and rivalry […]

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E.P.L. Friday (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

So much can happen in so little time. Between the weekend and Thursday: United have put one hand on the title and Chelsea have secured a two-legged tie against their bitter UCL rivals Barcé. Both teams in a confident mood, but how will that change the weekend’s football. The pod […]

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Support Stan (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Title defining weekend? You can only connect the dots looking backwards, but it seems that the press have already placed United’s hands on the Title. City might feel insulted by that, but they insulted themselves with some childish displays of disrespect on the pitch. Does this hand the cup to […]

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Hi Everybody (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Plenty of great news for the EPL this week. It means that there is jubilation on the podcast for the podders: you too. Chelsea go through in the Champions League and the FA Cup is on the way to Wembley: derby time. With the war of words intensifying between the […]

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Mind Games (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The mind games have started. The pod begins their own this week, as Laurence quizzes the podders with Opta quiz questions, play along (spoiler, you’ll win.) Along with that the cast look at City, Liverpool and Arsenal: with such diverse fortunes this season, how is it possible to keep hope […]

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Aftermath (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Mid-week games are always so positive in the league. They can shape our perceptions of a side, because we see them outside of the usual ‘weekend’ context of intensity and scrutiny. Though it can also open a team up to a true analysis. With that in mind, the pod discuss […]

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Pray For Muamba (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Considering the events which have passed this weekend the EPL Talk podcast would like the send out the most positive sentiment to Fabrice Muamba and his family. For that reason, the pod starts with an update on the situation and a brief word about the situation. In that frame, the […]

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No Diving (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

A big FA Cup weekend begins are a mixed week of European excitement ends. Either way, EPLife goes on: Manchester are still in the ascendency and London are still hoping. With critical games to come up this weekend, preparation could not be any more separated for our European adventurers. The […]

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Where did all the goals go? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Well, the goals came in dribs and drabs this weekend, so did the quality. The pod can relate…as the four podders gather around to witness United climb to the top of the table, Kartik looks at the deficiencies in City’s lineup and the strength in United’s. Rooney coming through for […]

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It’s A Knockout! (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Lots of cup competitions to cover in this week’s EPL Talk Podcast including the Europa League, Champions League, as well as a preview of this weekend’s Premier League matches. The season is heating up, and to help you dissect it, we have Laurence McKenna, Matt Duncan and Kristan Heneage on […]

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Chel-see-you-later (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

AVB took the first BA out of LCY, so CFC appoint RDM to show TLC: proving ANI. Roman will be ISO a new LTR to bring RL back to SB. What will kkfla think of this? Find out inside this week’s pod, as we start with a full Chelsea section […]

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The New Kit Bag (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

A tiny international break is followed by some huge games in the league as it is north vs south again in the EPL. Liverpool host Arsenal whilst United travel to Spurs. Title influences mean that both matches have a say on how the top four could look at the end […]

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Goals Galore And Plenty of Stamina (EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show)

Who needs the Oscars? In this weekend’s wrapup of the major stories from the Premier League, there’s plenty to talk about including Liverpool winning their first piece of silverware in 6 years, Arsenal thrashing Tottenham, Ryan Giggs making his 900th appearance, Manchester City impressing against Blackburn, and much more. Laurence […]

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Who Loves Ya’? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The cups come thick and fast at this point in the season. It’s great to watch teams scramble for position as the knock out rounds make everything look very cut-throat. It’s nice to prepare some people for the tragedy at the end of the season. The pod goes through all […]

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Cup mp3 (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

FA Cup weekends mean so much to the EPL Talk podcast. They give a great chance to look at the situation from a completely different angle. Conclusion? Yeh, playing lower division teams is harder than the TV says it is. AVB should be angry. ‘Arry got away with it. Kristan […]

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Wolves and Whales (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The Champions League is back! With a BANG! AC Milan demolished Arsenal 4 – 0. In the pod today? Well, is it really all that bad to be beaten by the Italian Champions? A new team against another rebuilding side. Besides, 4 – 0 is just a bad day at […]

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