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Down (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Here we go then! It’s almost finish line time but already the runners are breaking away. Relegated? Yes, unless the technicality around ineligibility comes back to bite Sunderland: bringing Norwich and friends back into the fold. The second coming? Giggs might not be so sure anymore… At the top of […]

Were Gonna Win The League (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Again! Things have changed and Man City find themselves in the driving seat whilst Chelsea march on: where are Chelsea marching? At least they are marching out of the ‘middle-ages’ with their buses in toe. Mourinho was rightly very happy with an Anfield victory and arguably outthought Brendan in many […]

Interview With Charlie Stillitano About the 2014 International Champions Cup

Today we feature an exclusive interview with Charlie Stillitano to discuss the 2014 International Champions Cup tournament as well as some of the high-profile friendlies involving national teams that will be playing in the States this summer. The eight teams participating in the tournament this summer across the United States […]

Nor-were-we (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

That isn’t it though is it? Chelsea still have to visit Liverpool and Liverpool still have to visit Palace and City still have all of those games in hand. But at least something is sure for Brendan’s men: Champions League football next season. As Stevie says: “We go again” on […]

April 15th (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Wow eh? On this weekend too. Liverpool with a late and dramatic victory to seal monumental win over the league favourites. Ask Brendan Rodgers if he expected that at the beginning of the season eh? Elsewhere, Spurs had a massive draw with West Brom, or was it the other way […]

Capital Punishment (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Don’t worry. Things are really changing up in the league, from week to week. So much so that the pod decided to change things up too…they are together in Euston on a reduced scale. Just Kris and Laurence as they decide to step out into Euston. It’s only for one […]

That Escalated Quickly (World Soccer Talk Special Podcast)

If you thought that last weekend was weird for football then this one will have you shocked by what can change in such a short space of time. However, that doesn’t bode well for our top or bottom sides who find themselves locked in battle for supremacy: either to stay […]

It’s Not R… (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

A bizarre weekend in English Football! Go take a look. Really! It was. So the pod sit down and leave Kartik Krishnaiyer a very long message. Arsene now has a lil time to think whilst Mou and his men move forward…and upward. Can they keep their position in the table […]

Blue With Envy (World Soccer Talk Special Podcast)

Finally, Kartik Krishnaiyer has released a book: ‘Blue With Envy’. To celebrate the pod sit down and quiz Kartik about his football history and motivation behind writing about his experiences as a City fan; how he found his team; watching soccer in the US; anglophilia and his ‘author lessons’. World, […]

Interview With DishWorld (World Soccer Talk Special Episode)

In previous years, we’ve kept you updated on the latest developments about how to watch soccer on television and the Internet by interviewing executives from FOX Soccer, Setanta Sports, ESPN, FOX Soccer 2Go, ITVN and others. With one of the biggest matches on the world soccer calendar just days away […]

What? (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Stop the presses (the ones still in existence) and all look at Manchester United. What is going on? Why are they losing? Is such big loss really so bad in the grand scheme of David Moyes? If penalties are the yard-stick for failure then United have huge problems. The podcast […]

Kostly Week (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

It was a weekend of mixed competition. Cup, league: and to trail it all there was international football. So the pod take you all over the world with a range of views and news from around the competitions. United get their second convincing result as they look forward to greeting […]

Cups That Do/n’t Count (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

It was the League Cup Final weekend and the World Soccer Talk team is here to break down all the action. The pod discusses FFP and whether it is actually fair as well as whether Sol Campbell would have really been England Captain for a decade.  World, let’s Talk Soccer: […]

Tiny Margins (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Another weekend of Premier League football is in the book and the Pod is back to cover it all. This weekend we had the pleasure of being joined by Spurs fan Matt Lichtenstadter to help us break down the games this weekend. We also give our thoughts on the Wayne […]

Cup Comments (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Cup weekend! But there is so much more on the podcast this week as Laurence is away. Liverpool and Arsenal had another classic match with much to remember whilst other sides progressed in a smoother fashion. Can Gus do anything wrong in a cup right now? So. World, let’s Talk […]

Beckham x Miami (World Soccer Talk Special Podcast)

So much talk over the past week has been about Beckham and his venture into the MLS, on the owner side. We are a little late to the party, but here we are to go through the coverage and the ideas that we can put together to work out what […]

99 Red Crosses (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Here it comes! Don’t just head it away or throw yourself at it, make something of the podcast. There is an opportunity here to make something of this season as teams posture and present themselves into…draws… Others were unlucky with the weather, both letting them play or stopping a good […]

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Serie A’s best starting XI of all time

Despite it’s recent decline, the Serie A has gifted us with some of the greatest sides in soccer history, from the post-war Torino side to the “Grande Inter” of the 1960’s to Sacchi’s AC Milan, Maradona’s Napoli and Lippi’s Juventus. This XI encompasses players from different soccer eras, but they […]

Xavi was eventually won over by ‘idiot’ Van Gaal

Former Barcelona captain Xavi admits he initially thought Louis van Gaal was an “idiot” but changed his mind after a week working with him. The ex-Spain international was a youngster breaking through at the Nou Camp when Van Gaal was in charge at Barca and his first impression was not […]

Mourinho must regain Hazard’s trust to salvage Chelsea’s season, keep his star from Real Madrid

After being replaced by Brazilian teenager Kenedy in the 59th minute in Saturday’s 3-1 loss against Liverpool, Eden Hazard allegedly is tired of being disrespected by his manager, Jose Mourinho. The two-time Chelsea Player of the Year has struggled this campaign after being arguably one of the top five players in […]

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