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Real-ly (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Multiple competitions can be cruel at any one time, oh how a season can change. Yet, United fans still have two competitions to look on favourably as they saw their team crash out of the Champions League unceremoniously, through a series of uncomfortable and jarring moments. First a collision, then […]

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London Is Good? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The league is not decided: on whether to let QPR stay or go. Whilst they might be halfway out the door anyway, it was a good weekend for London as they sat in the spotlight. Wenger might not have enjoyed the spotlight as much as the rest but it made […]

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London Is Bad (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It’s not a good time to live in London if you care about football. You barely have a chance of seeing a beloved English team at Wembley for a European final; Wenger is (but isn’t) crying; Rafa doesn’t want to be there; and to top all that off the title […]

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Little Britton (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The first cup final of the weekend and the Premier League triumphs, in the most romantic of situations for Swansea and Laudrup. Wembley was a wonderful setting for both winners and losers who seemed to appreciate the situation that the Capital One Cup has put them in this season. Capital […]

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Kroos-Control (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Don’t worry. Last minute goals are supposed to happen that way. Right? It’s just that…sometimes they don’t! The pod take a look through the best of the european football this week and look forward to a weekend of football which includes two going for two: Man City and Chelsea. Both […]

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Faux-Cup (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

A strange time of the season as football builds up and managers begin to look at fixture lists to rotate with an intense expression, which has changed from the start of the season. This is an expression of deep thought and sometimes angst, as they work out how to get […]

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Just One Game? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

One EPL related game in the UCL. Just one EPL game this weekend. They are cutting off our football and forcing us to appreciate the wider world. With this in mind the pod take a look at their own rules of FFP and debate the future of football; how do […]

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Manchester Decides It (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

We may look back on this weekend as the fixtures which secured the title for Manchester United. A 20th title at that. Apt too, as they commemorate the Munich air disaster at Old Trafford with a 2 – 0 win over Everton. The sense of occasion possibly offering more than […]

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International Tributes (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

That was not an international break, but it was a nice time to watch football. Some beautiful stuff played in some consequential and inconsequential games. The consequence? Less time to prepare for the league. Benefit? The pod discuss that. This doesn’t mean that the EPL stopped. If anything it carried […]

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NFL – Not For Long (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Much to talk about on the pod, which is why they break it down into four sections. One dedicated to Kartik, the others taking a look through the action of the weekend. Two critical games at the top of the league, QPR draw again and Spurs continue to march on […]

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Transfer Deadline Day (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

They came in their masses to see the window close. Were they let down? Some were, as millions was spent and yet some still saw an empty future. The pod cast a special for the end of the transfer window, discussing the goings and comings but also why people might […]

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Pulling Away Is Easy (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

When it comes to mid-week games making a statement can go wrong. Some blame timing, some – others look at subdued nature of mid-week football and wonder what that changes. It means that players need to focus. The players who do focus are rewarded. As the pod find out who […]

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Weekend Cupset (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It’s the FA Cup back again with yet more shocks as prince meets pauper up and down the land. In section one we look at the slightly more even affair of Stoke hosting Manchester City. Did the Citizens show resilience or attacking waste to finish with a 1-0 win? Moving into section two […]

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Hazard Perception (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Watch out for the Hazard! On Tonight’s pod we discuss Eden and whether perhaps two wrongs just make two wrongs? We’d love to know what you think about ‘ball-boygate’ so let us know on Twitter or in the comments section. In section two, we discuss attacking potency. Where are your […]

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Moments of Quality (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Maybe snow makes everything look better, but this weekend of the EPL just looked nice. A genuine feeling that effort was put into these games wrapped and presented a beautiful weekend of football. Who deserved to come away from the weekend with a win? What will be the consequences? The […]

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Of Course He Did (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

So Pep picked Germany, yeah, Bundes-many. The league which no one in England watches at 2am on a Tuesday. Fortunately, this is a good thing. Remember when Pep was in La Liga and it gave other teams a chance too? Oh…So Chelsea are being told they lost out, maybe they […]

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The Rangel Bonus Round (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Super Sunday! It’s the EPL Talk Podcast and some analysis. Try shouting “Super Sunday” as an exclamation, it sounds lovely. Sky shouted it enough and look how it caught on. Manchester came out tops in the weekend, the table reflects that. But look who else came out top, a Chelsea […]

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Peep, Peep, Pep (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

January might be nearing the middle, but the pod have already forgotten the heady heights of the Transfer Window (understandable?) and moved on to where Pep will end up the summer. Arsenal? Chelsea? Man City? Kris and Morgan put the arguments out there whilst Laurence peruses Twitter for a less-than-conclusive […]

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