Ligue 1 Recap Of Round 6


Everything you need to know about football in France last weekend.

The game of the week-end: Toulouse-Caen

Ligue 1 is not known for its crazy number of goals per games, and the words you hear from players and coaches who discover French football are typically “strong”, “defensive”, “tight lines”. But this time, Toulouse and Caen decided they would break this tradition and offer a great show for the (rather rare) fans who had the patience to watch this game on a Saturday night. Six goals in total, three between minutes 83’ and 87’ to end up with a great 3-3 at final whistle. For a night, Ligue 1 looked like Premier League, and that’s refreshing.

You’ll see him at Newcastle next year: André-Pierre Gignac

Nicknamed “Big Mac” after being spotted slightly overweight last season, and the one before, and the one before. This year, Marcelo Bielsa’s tough physical preparation has brought back to life the Gignac we saw in 2009 (Ligue 1’s top scorer of the season that year). Payet is the technical leader of the team, and Gignac its serial-scorer (six goals already). With these two, and no european competition to play, Marseille may be a team PSG should keep an eye on in the title race.

The goal of the week-end: Floyd Ayité (SC Bastia)

Many goals this week end in France, and good ones! Here’s a selection of the best goals scored during this Round 6. My personal favourite goes to Floyd Ayité (Bastia), if scored by Robin van Persie or Suarez this goal would be shown on every football show in the world.

The scores:         

Bordeaux 2 – 0   Evian

Marseille 3 – 0 Rennes

Toulouse 3 -3  Caen

Nantes     2 – 1 Nice

Lorient      0 – 1 Reims

Metz         3 – 1  Bastia

Lille         0 – 0    Montpellier

Monaco   1 – 0   Guingamp

Lens         0 – 1  Saint-Etienne

Paris         1 – 1     Lyon

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