England Need A Reality Check, Or Another Crop Of Talented Youngsters Will Be Wasted


It feels a little uneasy when it comes to criticising somebody like Roy Hodgson. The England boss is an amicable, articulate and courteous man after all, one of few true gentlemen that remain in the game. It’s little surprise that in various managerial roles he’s assumed across the continent he’s struck up affinities with supporters, players and the media alike. For all in all, Hodgson is an undeniably nice bloke.

Though in many respects, the 67-year-old’s likable personality has shielded him against the backlash that’s typically peppered his faltering predecessors in the role as England manager.

The narrative goes that the European Championships in 2010 went OK if you consider Hodgson only had a few weeks to prepare, didn’t they?

As for the World Cup, what did the nation expect when you consider the anticipation—or lack of it—that accompanied the Three Lions’ pre-tournament aspirations? They weren’t going to do anything of note anyway, I suppose.

The truth is that Hodgson’s been let off the hook substantially during his tenure and any talk of sacking the former Liverpool manager has promptly been dismissed. Mainly on the underpinning premise that at this juncture, there’s simply no outstanding candidate to replace him.

So England must move on with Hodgson at the helm it would seem, and in the wreckage of that World Cup debacle—where England failed to muster a solitary win—plenty has been spoken of this bright new generation of talent the nation have at their disposal and how the current head coach is a manager lucky to inherit it.

But in the first match since the Brazil showpiece, the young lions failed to sparkle. That in itself is no big issue; it was a refreshingly unfamiliar line-up, and the players involved subsequently served up a fumbling performance, occasionally lit up by the effervescent Raheem Sterling or the razor sharp Daniel Sturridge. But these players will grow in England colours; they certainly should do, anyway.

With that in mind, perhaps the manager’s comments post match yielded a much more pertinent concern than the performance itself, per BBC Sport:

If the team works as hard as they did against Norway, show the appetite and desire, and the aggression in the defending, show the exciting moves that were there for all to see, the fans will come back.

And when queried about his side having just two shots on target against dogged but offensively blunt opposition, Hodgson responded:

Two shots on target? Don’t give me that one.

Don’t hit me with statistics. When we had that much possession, and you talk about two shots on target?

What about all the shots they threw themselves in front of?

Hodgson’s quip that England played with “aggression” and showcased some “exciting moves” were certainly at odds with what the television audience—tellingly, England’s match was actually rinsed by the “Great British Bake Off” in the ratings, per The Guardian—and the circa 40,000 spectators in attendance at Wembley, the lowest crowd since the stadium was reopened seven years ago. The England manager emitted the aura of a naïve idealist.

Hodgson must face up to realities that are staring him in the face. England were average against Norway, in the World Cup they were simply dreadful. All in all, the performance against the Scandinavians will do little to galvanise a supporter base that’s increasingly fed up with the high ticket prices, baffling fixture dates and most significantly, drab performances.

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