Watch Gary Neville Analyze Where Angel Di Maria Will Play For Manchester United [VIDEO]


On this week’s episode of Monday Night Football, Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville analyzed where new signing Angel Di Maria will play for Manchester United.

The analysis discusses what that means for Juan Mata, as well as all of the other options the signing will give United. On top of that, Neville discusses the depth issue and whether having a lot of left footed footballers is a good thing or not.

Watch the video below. For mobile app users, watch the video here.

One thought on “Watch Gary Neville Analyze Where Angel Di Maria Will Play For Manchester United [VIDEO]”

  1. As much as I always enjoy Gary’s analysis, I don’t get this one. I do agree that United needs more than 11 players and seeing some of those big names on the bench doesn’t scare me one bit. They’ll all have to prove themselves and that’s only a good thing for Manchester.

    I’ve never watched Spanish football to often and I might be wrong, but I somehow still can’t see Di Maria in this team of van Gaal’s. United is struggling in defense at the moment and clearly in midfield as well. I thing that our problem is not having enough pace and I can believe that it might be sorted out by introducing quick wingers to the game. I cannot understand however how having only one defensive midfielder could help our defense.

    Neville recently said that wingback need to work so much harder than a fullback. That it is exhausting. How on earth did he come up whit the idea of playing Di Maira on wingback? Or in center of midfield for that matter. Is he any good at defending? Could he cope there? I don’t think so. No Sir!
    The same goes for Januzaj – he might be good just behind forwards, but he won’t be a defensive midfielder.

    United have to employ some world class defenders. I guess that all great teams have them. Forcing offensive players (Anderson, Nani, Valencia, Young, Kagawa even Mata at times) to defend is simply destroying their careers and making it harder for United to play football and to get results.

    And – just a thought – Nick Powell might be a better solution than Vidal. But it’s my friend’s idea, so I will not stand strong behind it 😉

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