Time Warner Cable and Bright House Add NBC Sports Live Extra In Time For EPL Season

Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks now offer access to NBC Sports Live Extra to its customers. With the availability of the service, soccer fans in the US who have TV subscriptions to either Time Warner or Bright House can now access Premier League matches via live, legal strams from the entire season.

Time Warner and Bright House join a long list of TV providers that offer NBC Sports Live Extra at no extra charge along with a current TV subscription. The other TV providers offering NBC Sports Live Extra includes DISH, DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, COX, Charter, Mediacom and RCN.

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In addition to access Premier League games online via the NBC Sports Live Extra website, Time Warner and Bright House customers will be able to watch games via the tablet and smartphone apps, too.

For the complete schedule of Premier League matches that will be shown on NBC Sports Live Extra and other NBC networks, bookmark the Premier League TV and Internet schedule.

15 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable and Bright House Add NBC Sports Live Extra In Time For EPL Season”

  1. two things that really bug me about NBC extra is that they put the game highlights at the bottom of the screen so it’s really hard to avoid the score, also they had added tags to the game timeline along the bottom of the screen with the goals. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of these?

  2. Was Time Warner removed as a provider? They are not listed this morning and I have been signed out of the app. Any info would be much appreciated.

    1. It looks like Time Warner doesn’t provide access to games online that are being shown on CNBC unless you subscribe to CNBC via your TV package/plan.

      1. Thanks for the reply, buy I do get CNBC with my paid cable subscription. I was also signed out of the app, and not able to sign back in because Time Warner is no longer listed as a provider. Quite unfortunate.

  3. You are correct! I was able to watch the Hull match with no issue at all. How bizarre! Great to know going forward this season. Thanks, Chris.

  4. I’m a time warner cable subscribe in the san diego area. I was able to access nbc live sport extra for the last two weeks. Today, 9/21/2014 time warner disappeared from the list of provider for nbc sports live extra. WTF time warner?

    1. same here. no issues since the beginning of the league. I tried to watch the games today, NADA. i dont know what the hell happened.

  5. Hi all, not sure where to post this so I’ll leave it to Chris to move as needed.

    Our situation is similar to many in that our TWC doesn’t carry the Extra Time channels on tv but carries those channels on the TWC apps (Roku, iPAD, Android). This has worked fine for us–the Roku has been our go-to as it’s always on and so easy. On Boxing Day the Extra Time channels were dropped from the TWC Roku app and I finally got help from an engineer who confirmed that the unannounced drop from Roku will carry over to the other TWC apps in the near future. He had no timeline–it’s taken him several days to get an answer. The unfortunate part is it’s likely TWC will drop these channels from the TV packages where they are currently included (bandwidth issue with move to digital means no room). I don’t want to cause ‘the sky is falling’ panic as this could be months+ out but wanted to let you know that if you see a change to your TWC apps or line-up it’s likely not a temporary glitch.

    We’re now on to plan B, which is NBC Live Extra. We’ve not used it yet but looks like we’re about to start…

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