Tim Cahill Attracting Interest From Premier League Clubs

New York Red Bulls and Australia star Tim Cahill could be moving to one of two Premier League clubs, according to reports from The Press Association.

Sunderland, newly promoted QPR and other clubs on the European continent are reportedly interested in signing the former Everton star on a short term move. Rumors of Sunderland wishing to sign the veteran Australian sparked at the beginning of 2013, in the form of a loan move during the MLS off season, but the deal fell through – though other reports suggest a return to this target is unlikely for Gus Poyet and his Black Cats.

QPR, on the other hand, have a record of signing players with top level experience at the twilight of their careers, and Cahill certainly fits this mould.

Cahill, 34, has spent two years plying his trade in MLS with New York Red Bulls, but an emphatic World Cup performance for the Socceroos, including a wonderful strike against the Dutch that was unlucky to lose out on goal of the tournament, has sparked interest in the Australian hit man.

Certainly, Tim Cahill has used Brazil to prove that he can still perform at the top level. Despite his age, it seems that some think he would be a useful addition to many squads across the top leagues of European soccer.

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7 thoughts on “Tim Cahill Attracting Interest From Premier League Clubs”

  1. Tim Cahill is exhibit A in proving star national team players can excel by playing in MLS. Hope MLS holds out for a nice chuck of £££ for a desperate relegation club.

    1. Begging. Pleading. Wishing.

      “Please take the MLS seriously!”

      Face it: your precious MLS is dogsh*t.

    2. How so? Besides his last season with Everton and first with NY, he’s been doing the same thing for many years. Look at his stats. MLS has nothing to do with it except giving him a nice payday.

  2. Mr. Nibbler, the great thing about this site is commenters are respectful, mature and provide candid discussion. Unpopular points of view are welcome (trust me, I’ve given many) but as long as they are respectful, everyone is cool with it.
    I’ll leave it at that.

    1. First time on here for a few days only to find its been taken over by abusive morons.

      Don’t waste your time goats, it’s not worth the bandwidth. Just another keyboard warrior troll on a wind up.

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