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USA And England Fall In FIFA World Rankings While Germany Climbs to the Top

fifa world cup 600x406 USA And England Fall In FIFA World Rankings While Germany Climbs to the Top

FIFA has released its latest World Rankings, which ranks the strongest teams in the world based on the average number of points they gain in a match as well as a combination of other factors.

Germany climbs into first place for the first time in two decades, followed by World Cup runners-up Argentina. Netherlands climbs 12 places into third place, but Brazil — who finished fourth in the 2014 FIFA World Cup — drops four places to number 7.

The USA, meanwhile, falls two places to be ranked number 15 in the world, while England — who crashed out of the World Cup and finished bottom of its group — falls 10 places to number 20.

Here’s the FIFA World Cup rankings released today for teams 1 through 30:

1. Germany (+1)
2. Argentina (+3)
3. Netherlands (+12)
4. Colombia (+4)
5. Belgium (+6)
6. Uruguay (+1)
7. Brazil (-4)
8. Spain (-7)
9. Switzerland (-3)
10. France (+7)
11. Portugal (-7)
12. Chile (+2)
13. Greece (-1)
14. Italy (-5)
15. USA (-2)
16. Costa Rica (+12)
17. Croatia (+1)
18. Mexico (+2)
19. Bosnia and Herzegovina (+2)
20. England (-10)
21. Ecuador (+5)
22. Ukraine (-6)
23. Russia (-4)
24. Algeria (-2)
25. Ivory Coast (-2)
26. Denmark (-3)
27. Scotland (0)
28. Romania (+1)
29. Sweden (+3)
30. Venezuela (+10)

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7 Responses to USA And England Fall In FIFA World Rankings While Germany Climbs to the Top

  1. Lawrence Dockery says:

    I love how Portugal is ranked higher than us when we got out of the group and they went home.

  2. This website keeps eating my comments. Boo.

  3. NeilO says:

    Expect Germany to be #1 for a long, long time.

  4. Americano & Proud says:

    Uruguay and Greece are way overrated.

  5. norwalkvirus says:

    The FIFA rankings are based on an arcane points system, not opinions. ESPN had a better arcane points system that seems to be gone. There are ELO rankings, too.

    American College Football (read: Minor League Gridiron and/or Modern Indentured Servitude) does rankings wrong.

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