Messi’s Lack of Respect to Alejandro Sabella Ends Sour Night For Argentina

The inevitable question of Leo Messi’s greatness will surely start after Argentina’s 1-0 loss in extra time to Germany. Despite a few flashes of greatness during the final game in the 2014 World Cup, Messi was a shadow of himself in the second half, and was caught on camera showing a lack of respect for Argentina Head Coach Alejandro Sabella as he walked away from team huddles while the manager was talking.

Since joining La Albiceleste’s senior team in 2005, Messi has been unable to capture his greatness for his national team and it’s surely led to frustration for the 27 year-old forward. Tonight, however, we were able to see that frustration first hand.

While the rest of the team were resting and stretching before starting the 30 minutes of extra time began, it appeared that Messi took his water break away from where the rest of his teammates were sitting. Whether it was to think and prepare for the extra time or not, it sent a message to his teammates and to those of us watching on TV that there seemed to be a division between the player and the rest of the team and coach.

After the match ended, Messi was ice cold and remained distant instead of standing next to his colleagues or coach. While there’s no doubt that Messi and his teammates were angered and disappointed with the loss, the body language displayed by Messi didn’t show any team spirit or unity. It was one man against the world, or Messi against the Germans as Jon Champion had uttered only days ago.

Messi’s body language and sour face ended a sorry night for Argentina. Messi appeared to be miles away before the second place medals were even given out.

An already rocky relationship between Messi and his home country will surely be put to the test after such an emotional let down. However his body language tonight begs the question whether or not Argentina can find a coach to replace Sabella that can see eye to eye with Messi.

49 thoughts on “Messi’s Lack of Respect to Alejandro Sabella Ends Sour Night For Argentina”

    1. Its like a 12year old Ronaldo fan/Messi hater wrote it. Its total nonsense. Its sad that a football site cannot just appreciate a great player instead of trying to knock him over something trivial… and whats with this Messi cant recapture his form for Argentina nonsense. Eh he JUST helped get them to a final & is nearly their record goalscorer but hey dont let the facts get in the way of a crap article.

  1. I absolutely agree with your points in this. Messi has been, and always will be, a very selfish person. He does not play well with others unless they are willing to put him front and center.

    His body language during this break time and at the end of the match was that of someone pouting and ready to be away from anyone around him.

    While most of his teammates were consoling each other and quite emotional he was very distant and lacked any true emotion representative of the fact that his team, once again, failed on the biggest stage.

    1. Messi is a selfish person? What are you talking about?

      He is the most ego-free superstar in Soccer right now.

      Messi doesn’t have to display emotion…there is no prerequisite to be emotional in order to be a soccer player. He is withdrawn and maybe even introverted. So what?

      For Messi, this had to hurt like hell and will probably regret not being able to repair his relationship with Argentina by winning this…

      1. I guess you don’t watch Barca play but Messi was out of touch in the last 1/4 of games. Is he burned out? or just not care? Personally he’s just pissed that he’s not the best player in the world this year.

      2. Based on what evidence are you declaring Messi an ego-free player? His Barçeona teammates would not agree with you. Neither would former teammates like David Villa or Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

        He might not be as demonstrative as Cristiano Ronaldo, or as in love with the microphone as Ibra, but make no mistake about it, he’s far from a modest, unassuming footballer.


        1. Everyplayers love and hug him as soon as they can, he’s the most adorable man on the field and a genius and fragile soul, he’s suffering in silence and not showing to everybody, that’s call humbleness, ignorant rat.

      Are you serious?
      that would have meant he would have had a bored, indifferent attitude. I have no idea what the hell you were watching, but i was watching a great player have just enough strength to have it together while all he felt was utter disappointment.

    3. Perhaps it is because I am a fan of Messi but anyone who knows club football is aware that even in defeat Messi is a consummate professional. He will smile and shake hands. He will take the expected pictures patiently.

      What we saw yesterday was someone disappointed, heartbroken and merely going through the motions. It was extremely hard to watch.

    4. I agree with Eric completely cos Messi is not a selfish person. Comparing with the likes of Ronaldo and Co Messi is a saint. At Madrid many in the the likes of Iso, Higuain, Benzema, etc have all been yelled at by him so just be quiet and know what you talking about

  2. What a stupid article. What did you want? Probably for him to weep in the midfield like James Rodriguez and for Mario Gotze to console him. So what he didn’t stay with his teammates. He came to the pitch, did his business and left. End of story.

  3. Seriously what do you have to do to become a writer on here nowadays???? Just send in 10 empty packets of crisps ???

  4. According to me he is a good sportsman and this is the reason why he is one of my favorite players. I think his intent was not to show disrespect, but I think he wants to remain cool at that time that’s why he ignored Aljandro Sabella during the short meeting in dugout.

  5. This article is SPOT ON! Messi had “issues” and it was writ all over his face. In the end every sportsman knows one team wins and other must lose. Eventually you get over it and go back to being conciliatory/gracious to your teammates etc.

    Something was VERY WRONG with MESSI and team/coach dynamics. VERY OFF.

  6. Who wrote this silly post? Can u stop posting nonsense about all this. Are you a hired guy or what? Nobody plays like Messi! He deserves so much respect and you guys are just bombing it! I know brcause that’s all media can do! Messi scored! He broughy up his team into the finals.Without him, it would’ve just been a dream! He was just in pain.Maybe its his way of relieving grief.Instead of consoling or providing him a hopeful hand, u r posting such virals! God bless your stupid mind who can’t understand humanity!

  7. Ah,ah!why a baseless written alleged factor is ruinous to the inmessionate you want him to be happy inspite of his team lacklustre.the conversation btw the team and coach is what leo gave is support for or how compulsory instruction would you still be given to a brilliant player when he knows is performing service.a total four goals been netted by andres messi is it sabella scored it or why others failed to net in excluding of rojo,di maria and higuain.messi played to a core but striking downgrade their efforts even from genesis to the last of the tournament inspite of their missing chances.meanwhile,your fabrication article is jetissoned so stop mocking leo adaptive culture.

  8. Perhaps Messi was ruing his decision to oppose Teves’ inclusion in the WC team, as Teves had provided more assists to Messi in qualifying than any other Argentine player

  9. 20% of the population control 80% of the worlds assets. why? because 80% of the population are arseholes, as shown here by the majority of replies (ie the messi-fan boys) who can’t see disrespect/selfishness even in front of their eyes. Credit to the writer for calling a spade a spade.

    1. you and the writer are such arseholes that you make up the full 80% of arseholes in the World… Why dont you both get a room and try to out arsehole each other.. My money is on a draw.

  10. The reason he was miles away from his team-mates before the second-place medals were given out was that he was about to receive the Player of the Tournament medal. Very poor article.

  11. Poor unsubstantiated article.
    Messi was being dragged by the tournament organizers to go get a Golden Ball award that his body language and facial expressions showed he didn’t think he deserved. That’s why he had to be away from his teammates.

    This article is right up there with the accusations made against the referee who was caught laughing with Enyema, total nonsense!

    1. Pakapala, that’s incorrect. The video above where Messi walked away from the team huddle (which he did twice during the game) was during a break in the match. A few seconds later (which isn’t shown in the above video), Messi joins the huddle agains but on the outer edges.

      1. Nonsense Christopher! I watched the game again last night and you can see Messi in the huddle right in front of Sabella with someone else next to him and Mascherano behind him. He stayed in that huddle until the time when they break to start that segment of the game.

        Again, unsubstantiated article which sole purpose seem to be for click bait.

        1. That’s simply not true. I saw it myself. And so did several others including Norwegian TV.

          We would never publish an unsubstantiated article, so quit with the accusations and stick to the facts.

          1. Come on Christopher! As the editor of this website you wrote yourself a few comments above that you can see in that same video he comes back to the huddle seconds later! So how is that Messi “showing a lack of respect for Argentina Head Coach Alejandro Sabella”?
            You basically confirm that the author of the article got it wrong. So saying that some norwegian website (that look like a norwegian instagram) posted the same gif is not helping you out or the author of this article here.

            Like I said I saw Messi in the huddle giving team talk; I saw him listenign on in the huddle to the coach.

            If this is not just a sensationalist fact-less article I don’t know what is.

            1. Pakapala, twice during the game, he walked away from the team huddles. He wasn’t interested in listening to Mascherano or Sabella. I can’t explain why he did it, but he did. But it shows a lack of respect.

              I can pull up the tape of the game and find the two instances, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The video and image both show the one incident where he had a complete lack of respect for his fellow teammates and coach.

          2. I typically enjoy the content on this site, but the fact that you claim that this is a “substantiated article” is somewhat concerning. All that you can substantiate is that he walked away for a few seconds.

            You nor the author have any idea why Messi walked away. What if Messi prepares better when he has a chance to focus on his own thoughts? What if his coach and teammates are aware of this? Is it still disrespectful? There are so many possible options for why he left, this article is anything but “substantiated.”

            Then you get to the part about after the game. The entire team were standing in a group for a majority of the time. We know this because the cameras were glued to them as “Happy” was playing in the background. Messi was only “distant” from the rest of the team when he was called up to receive the award. To read anything into his body language at this point goes so far beyond your ability to “substantiate.” Everyone reacts differently in these types of situations there is now one “respectfully” or “correct” way.

            1. We have no idea why he walked away, I agree. But the fact of the matter is that he walked away on two occasions in a game.

              It sounds like you and others are making excuses for Messi.

          3. By saying that you have no idea why he walked away only proves my point which was you have no idea why he walked away.

          4. “We would never publish an unsubstantiated article, so quit with the accusations and stick to the facts” … haha the irony. You can dish it out but you cant take it. You want us to stick to the facts but yet your slating a player off a short clip that doesnt show exactly what happened or why and you even say yourself you dont know why he walked away… but yet you call him “disrespectful”… How about you quit with the accusations & stick to the facts. Btw cant believe the editor is ignoring all the comments & stickin up for this garbage article. I thought WST was above this kind of goal .com sensationalist nonsense… obviously not.

          5. Funny thing, I was listening to a podcast tonight where the topic of conversation was… Messi’s apparent slight of his coach and teammates by walking away from the team talk. This point was raised by the correspondent who was in the stadium and found it similarly eyebrow-raising. He also offered an interesting rhetorical question: How outraged would the world be if it was a certain Portuguese number 7 who did the same thing? He’d be slated mercilessly for such a selfish act. That then led to the topic of the myth of Messi’s sportsmanship. It’s pretty well established that he is quite calculated in cultivating his public image and relationships with his teammates aren’t as important to him as his fans like to think.


  12. I m afraid this was Messi s last chance to shine in a world cup and it breaks my heart to admit that its over for him , at least with Argentina. I hope i m wrong .

  13. Messi was a pig. He had an attitude problem in the game. He coldly shook the hands of the VIPs which included presidents of two countries. He left the stage mad. He did not acknowledge the fans when they threw their hands at him. He ignored his coach. He did not even want the award given to him. He was totally disrespectful and a jerk. As their team leader, he should have shown way much better attitude toward the VIPs and the fans. He lost my respect totally. I will never cheer for that SOB again. I hope he loses from now on.

  14. A truly great athlete can be gracious in a win or lose ending. Messi’s lack of graciousness, lack of any smile puts him in a poor light, showing he is lacking some common aspects of sportsmanship. I tend to go with those who think he is maybe a little too self centered. His exit was indeed sad.

  15. he was mad! really mad! Di Maria Did not play! Aguerro play so so,That Palacio was a disaster in not be able to toss the ball into the net at the very end@ 4-5 Germans during the FInale was constantly on his legs-foul after foul…. Every body wants a piece of him!!!!

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