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Barcelona Complete £63.4 Million Deal to Sign Luis Suarez

luis suarez1 Barcelona Complete £63.4 Million Deal to Sign Luis Suarez

Barcelona have officially announced that they’ve reached an agreement with Liverpool to sign Luis Suarez on a five-year deal.

Suarez will fly to Barcelona next week to complete his medical and to sign the deal, the Spanish club announced.

According to press reports, Barcelona will pay Liverpool £63.4million for the striker.

Suarez issued the following statement, to say goodbye to Liverpool FC and its supporters:

“It is with a heavy heart that I leave Liverpool for a new life and new challenges in Spain. Both me and my family have fallen in love with this club and with the city.

“But most of all I have fallen in love with the incredible fans. You have always supported me and we, as a family, will never forget it, we will always be Liverpool supporters.

“I hope you can all understand why I have made this decision. This club did all they could to get me to stay, but playing and living in Spain, where my wife’s family live, is a lifelong dream and ambition. I believe now the timing is right.

“I wish Brendan Rodgers and the team well for the future. The club is in great hands and I’m sure will be successful again next season.

“I am very proud I have played my part in helping to return Liverpool to the elite of the Premier League and in particular back into the Champions League.

“Thank you again for some great moments and memories. You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

While the transfer will come as a big blow to Liverpool supporters, the club will have the means to invest the money for 2 or more stars. For Barcelona, meanwhile, this will give the Spanish club a big boost in their hopes of winning La Liga and the UEFA Champions League this season after last season’s disappointing finish in both competitions.

What are your thoughts about Luis Suarez moving to Barcelona? Tell us in the comments section below.

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40 Responses to Barcelona Complete £63.4 Million Deal to Sign Luis Suarez

  1. christian says:

    Sad to see him leave the league but so happy to not have to play against him anymore.

  2. CassanovaFrankenstein says:

    Liverpool won’t make it out of the UEFA group stage.

  3. goatslookshifty says:

    That’ll take a chunk out of Barcelona’s transfer funds.

    • Between Neymar and Suarez that’s a hell of a lot of money Barçelona has spent on two guys. What happened to La Masia? Apparently, it’s just like any other club’s great pipeline – less than infinite.

      “Més que un club”? On the contrary, a pretty typical massive club.


  4. El Payaso says:

    Liverpool are idiots for letting him go.

  5. Scott Goin says:

    I always supported Barcelona in the El Classicos and I love Messi but the signing of Suarez will make me seriously reconsider that support. Suarez is certainly talented, fun to watch, and incredibly passionate about winning but I just can’t stand him as a person. He represents all the bad things in the game. He cheats, lies, and tries to intentionally cause grievous harm to his fellow players.

    I’m a little surprised that Barcelona would pay this massive amount of money for a guy on a 4-month ban and is maybe one more incident away from a much, much longer ban. That sounds very risky to me. They should have at least got a significant discount.

  6. There is such a thing as putting too much air in a balloon. The results are not what you hoped for.

    Last time I checked, there’s still only one ball used in the game, right? Between Messi, Neymar and now Suarez, all of whom insist on possessing the ball more often than not, someone’s going to be unhappy. Probably two guys. Maybe even three.


    • yespage says:

      But Suarez is big on going after the ball when he doesn’t have it. He is very big on pressing. He can make his own chances. But I do agree, seems like a high concentration of talent.

      Best of luck to Pac-Man.

    • R.O says:

      Could Messi end up moving? Who knows.

  7. Bergkamp_10 says:

    Nice to get rid of this hannibal lecter from Premier League.

    • Remy says:

      Don’t think so. He is insane, no doubt. But he also has amazing soccer skills that made watching Liverpool a very entertaining affair every game. The quality of the Premier League and Liverpool will not be the same without him.

      • Bergkamp_10 says:

        The quality of the premier league will be fine. Don’t worry. Just like with less crime, there is safe neighborhood :)

  8. Flyvanescence says:

    So a player banned from football transfers to aclub banned from transfer activity. Way to go FIFA; no balls, suspending Barça’s transfer ban til they get all their necessary transfer business completed.

    Whats the point of giving out a punishment in the first place?

  9. yespage says:

    Completely pissed about this. He is one of the best players, but Liverpool has to sell him because he can’t produce when on suspension. He betrayed Liverpool with his temper.

    It is a huge loss to Liverpool, though as an asset and liability. They made a good deal on the transfer, even with his self-imploding ways.

    They needed to get this done quickly, as they need to fill a massive hole. Hopefully Sturridge and Sterling are up to their form of most of last year. Liverpool will need it.

  10. Mufc77 says:

    Farewell scumbag.

  11. Aaron says:

    BBC are reporting an entirely different figure, closer to £75m:

    It’s possible that Barca are paying a lump sum of £63.4m followed by installment payments to make up the difference.

    • Cody (#2) says:

      Barcelona don’t pay lump sum transfer fees. They will amortize the fee over the life of his 5 year contract, and if he extends at any point, it will extend the amortization.

      Obviously this is speculation based on previous transfers. The means by which the fees are paid are rarely, if ever, reported, and you’d have to get into Liverpools FYE financials to determine the answer.

      • Aaron says:

        You make some excellent points. I do think the fact that they seem to have insisted on a lump sum for Sanchez from Arsenal as well as the looming transfer ban might have necessitated them to pay more up front (probably at LFC’s insistence), but you’re right that their long-held practice has been to amortize the fee. I do think that the reports of £63.4m are lowballing the actual fee, not that we’ll ever really know.

  12. Cody (#2) says:

    What has football come to when a player suspended until October & with a questionable disciplinary history can fetch almost 70m on the transfer market?

  13. Rob says:

    Apparently Arsenal offered 75 million plus one Pound.

  14. goatslookshifty says:

    Don’t worry, Joey Barton is back in the prem. He’s a bigger knob than Suarez and Balotelli combined and will surely entertain us.

  15. Denise Vail says:

    Rabies Human Vaccination for all league and staff members to include soccer players will be mandated.

  16. Brian says:

    Given what fees are for top players at the moment 63 million pounds is really low for a player who at the moment is in the top 3 players in the world. Liverpool didn’t have much choice as his buyout fee was 80 million Euros (about 63 million pounds).

    Liverpool can progress without Suarez but they need to buy quality players to replace him. So far none of Liverpool’s buys are world class and losing out on Sanchez is a bitter blow, especially as he has gone to a direct rival. Still time left in the transfer window so it will be interesting to see what Liverpool do next. If, as reported, they are about to sign Bony then I’m afraid Liverpool will struggle to finish in the top 4 and given that they will be in pot 3 for the Champions league draw will find it difficult to get out of the group stage.

  17. Mufc77 says:

    If I’m not mistaken ex Liverpool player Jan Molby said that Liverpool can now attract the best players in the world because they can offer European football. I think the fact that Sanchez chose Arsenal over them says it all really.

    • R.O says:

      ” I think the fact that Sanchez chose Arsenal over them says it all really.”

      Wasn’t this the same exact thing that was said last season about Arsenal (on why or why not Arsenal couldn’t attract star players)?

    • Aaron says:

      Says nothing more than the fact that Sanchez stated from the off that he wanted to join Arsenal. He got his wish, so good luck to him.

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