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Top 10 World Cup TV Commercials From Overseas That You Haven’t Seen Yet [VIDEO]

skol world cup tv ad 600x327 Top 10 World Cup TV Commercials From Overseas That You Havent Seen Yet [VIDEO]

The World Cup is promoted all over the world, but sometimes we miss many of the great TV commercials because they’re aired exclusively in other countries. Brazil, for example, created some irreverent and creative commercials to advertise products and services in the host country. And surprisingly, Chile has quite a few splendid ones.

We put together our 10 favorite commercials you may have missed from overseas, from number 10 to number 1.


The Ghost of the 1950 World Cup walks around Brazil scaring some locals around favelas and at the beach in this hilarious commercial shot by Puma.


This commercial is beyond inspirational. The Chilean miners were stuck underground for 69 days, which gave the Chilean National team some perspective and good fortune.


The Pope speaks out on behalf of the Argentinian National team in this commercial from TYC sports.


ING staged a fake commercial in Belgium to set up real fans with the chance to meet their favorite players. This one is a heartwarming ad, for sure.


This Chilean commercial for beer reminds us of the Sixth Sense, which always gets a thumbs up from us.


Romario stars in a commercial for the popular sandal Havaianas, which pokes fun at Diego Maradona.


Skol, which we’re guessing is a Brazilian drink, makes fun of the British. How dare they!


A funny commercial by the Brazilian company Skol pokes fun at the Italians.


This funny commercial for Brazilian airline, TAM, pokes a bit of fun at the journey some of Brazil’s best players had to take to make it home for the World Cup.


The number one best World Cup TV commercial from overseas isn’t actually a commercial, but it’s a parody of the Chilean miners ad. If only this was for a product, I’d buy it. These Dutch men are hilarious!

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One Response to Top 10 World Cup TV Commercials From Overseas That You Haven’t Seen Yet [VIDEO]

  1. R.O says:

    My favorites are # 6 & 7. I liked the ending of # 3 (Baggio reference).

    # 2 was cutie. The only thing amusing/funny with #1 was the part where they say if the Dutch don’t make, there’s always Belgium. The rest of it wasn’t very entertaining or funny to me.

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