USA World Cup Soccer Team Receives Glowing Praise From Around the World

The praise for the USA World Cup team has been unanimous across the world. They have won the hearts and minds of so many soccer fans globally, as well as the respect of the soccer critics and media.

This mixed bag of a few German-Americans, one Icelandic-American, a guy from small Texas town, a man who’s part Native American, a Haitian-American and even the youngest player to ever see the field in a World Cup game did the impossible. They gave hope to this beautiful game and its future in this great country. This is not the end for the USMNT. This is just the beginning.

Praise for the USA team came from far and wide. Tweets were pouring in from all sorts of fans, from President Obama to Justin Timberlake. It was easy to see just how large an impact these 23 men have made on the country’s view of soccer.

As just one example, British writer Paddy Barclay heaped praise on DeAndre Yedlin, comparing him to David Beckham for his ability to create the perfect cross from the right wing. Barclay exclaimed that he hasn’t seen such a talented right midfielder as Yedlin for years.

Meanwhile, here are some choice tweets praising the USA Men’s National Team:





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