USA World Cup Soccer Team Receives Glowing Praise From Around the World

The praise for the USA World Cup team has been unanimous across the world. They have won the hearts and minds of so many soccer fans globally, as well as the respect of the soccer critics and media.

This mixed bag of a few German-Americans, one Icelandic-American, a guy from small Texas town, a man who’s part Native American, a Haitian-American and even the youngest player to ever see the field in a World Cup game did the impossible. They gave hope to this beautiful game and its future in this great country. This is not the end for the USMNT. This is just the beginning.

Praise for the USA team came from far and wide. Tweets were pouring in from all sorts of fans, from President Obama to Justin Timberlake. It was easy to see just how large an impact these 23 men have made on the country’s view of soccer.

As just one example, British writer Paddy Barclay heaped praise on DeAndre Yedlin, comparing him to David Beckham for his ability to create the perfect cross from the right wing. Barclay exclaimed that he hasn’t seen such a talented right midfielder as Yedlin for years.

Meanwhile, here are some choice tweets praising the USA Men’s National Team:




12 thoughts on “USA World Cup Soccer Team Receives Glowing Praise From Around the World”

  1. Wayne Rooney is a USA fan because he’s soaking up the sun in Las Vegas and not in Brazil where he still should be.

  2. I don’t know. I watched Nigeria battle France, and Algir really battle Germany but I just didn’t see it in this game. Belgium were spectacular in setting up their attacks only to slow down, scratch their balls and take a half-hearted shot. Would have actually served them right to lose the match for wasting so many opportunities.
    The US team has not improved in terms of quality, in my humble opinion. The grit, the perseverance, the comeback, those have always been there, Klinsmann certainly isn’t responsible for instilling those particular qualities. What was needed from him were technical improvements. Didn’t see that. Pretty much the same type of game from 2010 with a few different faces. Not Klinsmann’s fault necessarily. He is dealing with the same limitation of the US talent pool as Bradley did. He cast a wider net to capture some eligible players from Europe with similar results. But a revolution this is definitely not…..

    1. In YOUR humble opinion, as you said. Millions and millions of fans in the states and world-wide will certainly disagree with you-me included.

      1. I know, Mark, that’s why I said that. But see, you’re a fanboy and I’m a dispassionate observer….

    2. They barely scraped a win against a troubled Ghana and still couldn’t beat an injured Portugal. One win, a tie and two losses out of four matches is hardly worthy of “glowing praise”.

    3. Their 2010 team was far better, both in
      terms of tactics and individual skills.

      That’s what I observe.

  3. In the match with Belgium, a little common
    sense would deduce –

    1. Wrong managerial tactics and choice of players.

    2. The repercussions – a catastrophic failure of
    the midfield and defense.

    3. The consequences – the last line of defense,
    the goalkeeper, is required to make countless saves.

  4. I only saw Brazil is number 1

    You do not have to talk much. wordcup this year will be the formation of amorphous Brazil Brazil has great depth of the overall error. indisputable. I love the team.

  5. I for one enjoyed your performances in this World Cup,I wish England had shown the same tenacity,even though you didn’t win the World Cup you have won many admirers around the world for the way you played the game ,you should be immensely proud of your team

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