USA Would Have Beaten Belgium If Game Went to Penalties, Says Rio Ferdinand

BBC Match of the Day pundit Rio Ferdinand said that USA would have beaten Belgium if the game had gone to penalties.

Former Manchester United defender Ferdinand was speaking post-match on the popular BBC program. He and his colleagues Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer praised Tim Howard for his exceptional performance against Belgium.

Howard’s performance was so immense during the 90 minutes plus extra time that Ferdinand believed that Tim Howard would have been the difference if the match had gone to penalties.

Watch the clip of MOTD praising Howard, as well as Ferdinand’s comment about how the US would have beaten Belgium below:

Mobile app users, watch the video here.

6 thoughts on “USA Would Have Beaten Belgium If Game Went to Penalties, Says Rio Ferdinand”

    1. haha. four thumbs down already (even though the other comments essentially agree with me).

      if it makes the manU fans feel any better i’ve been calling ferdinand an imbecile for a long time. long before he said this. (i fully understand it won’t make them feel better)

  1. Wishful thinking from Peckham’s finest (after me of course). Conveniently forgets who Belgium had in their goal. He’s not bad either.

  2. I agree with his statement and if we see USA played very defensive against Belgium. The way they played looks like they were playing for penalties. They can succeed if the game goes for the penalty shootouts.

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