USA vs Portugal Preview: Teams Face-Off In Amazon

Within the Arena Amazonia in the city of Manaus, the United States Men’s National team face off against Portugal with two very different goals in mind. A win, and the United States ensure their entrance to the round of 16 but eliminate Portugal. On the other hand, if Portugal were to gain three valuable points, they could put themselves back in the race to emerge from Group G. Kickoff time is 6pm ET/3pm PT with the game being shown live on Univision and ESPN.

The tie between Germany and Ghana has left the table open, giving almost any of the four teams the ability to progress to the knock-out round.

A proud Portugal team had a less than ideal start to the World Cup and after an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Germany most of the news from the Portugal camp have been questions about poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo’s health. With or without Ronaldo there’s still plenty of attacking power in the line-up between Nani and Helder Postiga. Both are likely looking to make some waves on offense after netting 0 goals against Germany.

The United States will need a better performance from midfielder, Michael Bradley, if they are to break down Portugal’s defenses. With striker Jozy Altidore out injured, the USA will depend on their captain, Clint Dempsey, to make big plays up front. Making the most of set pieces will be a must for an American side that is unlikely to see much of the ball.

Both teams have a lot to prove in the jungle and both are looking for wins to cement their status in the World Cup. The United States defense will need to be solid in order to protect the net from a desperate Portugal side who will be in a hurry for goals. Portugal will also need to be careful of letting their guards down against a young and scrappy American team with almost nothing to lose and everything to prove.


United States 2-1 Portugal

7 thoughts on “USA vs Portugal Preview: Teams Face-Off In Amazon”

  1. People say Klinsmann was hired to beat Ghana but this is the game that really counts. A win here will validate US soccer a decision to go with a high profile manager. A lot of people (myself included) will be forced to acknowledge that the USA has moved up a level if they defeat Portugal. Portugal are not quite elite but they one of the top European sides.

    Whatever happens, the interest level is off the charts. Everyone wants to be an outlaw which is a credit to those fans. The debate about whether Americans like soccer is off the table, finally. Team USA have arrived.

    Go USA!

  2. Portugal has never been a European power house like most of the U.S. media would like us to believe. Portugal even with R#7 who has fail to delivery in 2010 and in Brazil with not winning any tournament. A symbolic win today by USA will define our success and like Smokey Bacon said, will be forced to acknowledge we have arrived!

  3. No reason we can’t win this match… long as we keep our fouls well outside the 18. If we give Ronaldo too many freebies something bad will happen sooner or later.

  4. Why didn’t you tell them to WIN Jurgen?

    Nice that they all like to play like a team and want to feel good and want to make Americans proud.

    Tell them to WIN man.

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