Scenarios Of How the USA Can Advance to Next Round Of World Cup

Today the United States Men’s National Team has an opportunity to advance to the World Cup Round of 16 with a win against Portugal, but what do the other scenarios look like if the USA gets a draw or is unable to beat Portugal? What does the US need to do to make it into the next round if it can’t beat Portugal today.

As it stands in Group G, Germany is in the lead with 4 points, 6 goals, and 2 goals allowed. The United States is in second with 3 points, 2 goals, and 1 goal allowed. After drawing Germany yesterday, Ghana is currently is third with 1 point, 2 goals, and 4 goals allowed, while Portugal is last in the group with 0 points, 0 goals and 4 goals allowed. A defeat for Portugal today and the Iberian side will be out of the World Cup.

If the United States draws Portugal today, the USA will be tied with Germany for points. Before heading into today’s game, the US has a +1 goal difference, while Germany is +2.

With a draw against Portugal, the US would need a minimum of a draw against Germany to guarantee qualification to the Round of 16 of the World Cup.

However if Portugal defeats the US, the chances of the US qualifying for the next round become more worrisome. US would either have to beat Germany on Thursday. Or, if the US gets a draw against Germany, the US would have to hope that Portugal and Ghana would end in a tie for the US to advance. Or the US could advance on goal difference with a draw against Germany if Ghana beats Portugal.

If USA loses to Portugal and Germany, the USMNT would be out of the World Cup.

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