Mexico and Brazil Go Into Game With Different Expectations

Group A saw the expectations of many come to fruition on Match-day 1. The future for Group A begins today with Brazil-Mexico and continues tomorrow with Cameroon-Croatia. Here is each team’s scenario entering Matchday 2:


Despite the controversial penalty that was awarded to Brazil against Croatia and lack of real interest in the first 20 minutes, Brazil still managed to avoid becoming the first host nation to lose its opener. Following the penalty, Brazil took control and finished with an expected 3-1 victory. However, their World Cup really begins today against Mexico. Three points today will all-but-assure a spot in the Knockout round.


Mexico, too, accomplished what was expected of them in their first game. Albeit having two goals incorrectly disallowed, Mexico fought and finally were rewarded with Peralta’s rebound finish. Today sees Mexico able to exhale slightly. They head into a match that they are not expected to win and should expect to play with nothing to lose. A point here would be worth celebrating.

Most to Gain on Matchday 2: Mexico

Mexico, with even a point, put themselves in a great position heading into Matchday 3. Do not expect them to push, but any result except being blown out by Brazil will suffice.

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