England’s One Cap Wonders

There are 347 players involved against 43 countries in a club that no one wants to be a part of. It’s the pinnacle of any player’s career but to be branded in such a club is seen as laughable rather than admirable. 52 goals have been scored between them, with five hat-tricks and five braces collected; there is however only one number which is significant. That is ‘The 1 cap wonders club.’

Matthew Jarvis, David Nugent, Dean Ashton, Anthony Gardener and Lee Hendrie are just a few selected names on the long list which makes up the players who have only had one appearance for England, but why do they only get the one game to prove themselves?

Let’s start from the very beginning; Charles John Morice born on 27th May 1850 in Kensington, London was the very first player to only have one appearance for England and then never to return. He played for the Barnes Rugby Football Club (founded in 1862, and rumored to be the oldest football club ever) and his position was forward. He got his chance to show his international ability against Scotland in what was the first ever international match; Charles Morice was 22 at the time and played the whole game. The match ended 0-0 and the English committee (which were then the management) decided that they saw more than enough from Charles that game and never picked him again, making him the very first ever one cap wonder.

Fast forward to 2014; 164 years later, Jon Flanagan plays against Ecuador in a World Cup friendly, he came on as a substitute, replacing injured midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the 64th minute. The game ended 2-2, with Rickie Lambert and Wayne Rooney getting the goals for England. Although he is only 21 and has a lot of promise, Jon Flanagan becomes the latest player to feature in the one cap wonder club.

So why are these players only given one game to decide if they’re international quality or not? The answer is usually they are picked when inform and have the press behind that certain player to play for England. It is however the unfortunate truth that England listen to the media regarding who they should and should not play. The most recent player to be picked based on media influence was Jay Bothroyd. Around the time of him being chosen to play in his only appearance against France, he was playing for Cardiff City FC who were then in the Championship. After starting the season well the media poised the question, ‘why can’t Championship players play for England?’ After the lackluster 18 minute performance against France in which they lost 2-1, actions spoke louder than words and proved that listening to the media isn’t always the best way of choosing players.

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