WATCH ‘Brazil – In the Shadow of the Stadiums’; BBC Panorama Exposes Poverty Of World Cup Host

This week, BBC’s Panorama news program debuted a new episode entitled Brazil – In The Shadow Of Stadiums, which examines the rampant prostitution and poverty that exists within view of the World Cup stadiums. It’s no wonder there’s a growing anger at Brazil for pouring billions of its money and resources into hosting the World Cup while the money could be better spent on the people, services and infrastructure of the country.

According to the program description, “Next week, the ‘beautiful game’ is coming home. Brazil, the most successful nation in football history, is hosting the 2014 World Cup. But the build-up has been overshadowed by violent protests against the spiraling cost of staging the tournament. In a country where a quarter of the population live in extreme poverty, there’s widespread anger at what’s perceived as the increasing divide between the rich and poor.

“The multi-million pound new stadiums sit alongside an epidemic of drug addiction and child prostitution. Tonight Panorama reveals the shame of a country where children as young as 12 sell their bodies for the price of a soft drink, where drug cartels control whole swathes of city centers and where the poor are feeling more dispossessed than ever before.”

In a review of the episode by the Bath Chronicle, the newspaper describes the episode as:

“Whether you’re a fan of the football or not I recommend you give this a watch if only to further your exasperation at FIFA’s inaction in the countries to whom they bestow their highest honor. This all leaves an even worse taste in the mouth if you take a look at the allegations of corruption that are already surrounding the 2022 World Cup which is, at least at time of writing, being held in Qatar.

“Don’t expect an easy ride from some of the on the ground reporting on offer but remember that FIFA has enough money to end it all tomorrow. That’s the tragedy.”

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***The video has been removed per the request of the BBC***

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