WATCH Landon Donovan’s 57 Goals For US Men’s National Team: 2000-2014 [VIDEO]

landon donovan WATCH Landon Donovans 57 Goals For US Mens National Team: 2000 2014 [VIDEO]

Many soccer fans in the United States are still in shock that Landon Donovan has been cut from the US team for World Cup 2014.

Donovan holds the records for the most number of goals for the United States as well as the most number of assists. Plus he’s been such an integral part of the USMNT team for the past 14 years that the decision to not include him in the final 23 has left many soccer fans awestruck. USMNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann certainly means business with this decision.

Here are the career highlights of his 57 goals for USMNT:

Mobile app users, watch the video here.

And here the highlights of Landon Donovan’s career assists for the USA Men’s National Team:

2 thoughts on “WATCH Landon Donovan’s 57 Goals For US Men’s National Team: 2000-2014 [VIDEO]”

  1. This should have been titled “57 reasons why Klinsmann is wrong”.

    ESPN will sign up Donovan right now if they have any sense. He could be fun to have in the booth.

  2. His last two penalty have so much class compare to his younger version. That’s what the USMNT need experience

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