Barcelona Put £45million Price Tag On Cesc Fabregas to Test Arsenal and Man United’s Interest

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F.C. Barcelona has reportedly put a £45million price tag on Cesc Fabregas’ transfer fee. The Spanish club is looking to trade a few of their players if the right price comes in, trying to clean house and make room for new talent. Two clubs with reported interest in Fabregas are English clubs Manchester United and Arsenal.

The club named a new manager in Luis Enrique after a disappointing second place finish in La Liga last weekend. Barcelona is looking to let as many as six players leave the club, including Fabregas. Arsenal is reportedly interested in signing their former player. Fabregas left the Gunners in 2011 for Barcelona and could be a big asset to a struggling Arsenal offense. Similarly, United tried to sign Fabregas last summer but the Spaniard wanted to stay at Camp Nou.

Fabregas mostly plays as a central midfielder, but has also played winger and second striker on a few occasions. Signed by Arsenal in 2006 at the age of 16, he joined their Academy and became Arsenal’s youngest first team player in his debut against Rotherham United. Later he became Arsenal’s youngest player to score when he got a goal against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Fabregas began starting in League games in the 2005-2006 season and made his own unique mark on the team, signing a five-year deal, in 2006.

Barcelona signed Fabregas in 2011 for £35 million and scored his first goal in 2011 against FC Porto, which led to Barcelona winning the UEFA Super Cup. Later suffering a hamstring injury in October of 2011, he sat out most of the month of October. He scored a total of 32 goals and 37 assists during his time with Barcelona.

Fabregas was first selected for the Spanish national team during the 2006 World Cup where he became the youngest player in Spanish history to participate in the World Cup tournament. He was also selected for the 2010 World Cup but did not start in any matches, only coming in as a substitute.

12 thoughts on “Barcelona Put £45million Price Tag On Cesc Fabregas to Test Arsenal and Man United’s Interest”

  1. Something that should be mentioned is the buy back clause that Arsenal has 1st refusal rights on, believed to be around the same 35m figure.

    There is also a lot of speculation about a sell on % fee that Barca may have agreed to in the purchase of Fabregas. And then there is the transfer fee amortization that was spread over the life of his contract with Barcelona. I believe they would owe the balance of his fee to Arsenal, should he sign with Manchester United.

    My prediction is that he’ll have a good World Cup and Barcelona will keep him, but if he’s sold, I’m willing to bet it would likely be to Arsenal in a deal for Ozil.

    1. This is incorrect. Many people talked about this so-called “first option” buy-back clause that Arsenal might have, but it does NOT excuse. Arsenal have NO first option on him. Barça can sell him freely to whomever they like.

      Barça have zero interested in Ozil, despite rumours. They have plenty enough attacking midfield talent between Iniesta, Rafinha, Denis Suarez, and Halilovic (the latter two will be promoted to the 1st team soon).

        1. I respect your opinion, but how exactly do you rate Guillem Balague’s analysis with more competency than the 100 journalists that have written about the “buy back option”.

          Lots of “Spanish Football experts” have discussed the option.

        2. Balague must know more about Cesc’s contract than Wenger somehow…

          “Should Fabregas have a change of heart and decide to return to these shores Wenger, who has stayed in close contact with the player since his departure from north London in the summer of 2011, admits the Gunners would be interested in taking back their former star.

          ‘We have the clause in the contract so we would be on alert,’ he said. ‘But at the moment that’s not something we’re after’.”

      1. There is a clause. There is some differing views on what it is. But Arsenal do have the first option on him. at what price that is does not seem to be clear. Also there is a sell on clause that gives Arsenal 50% of the profit his sale.

    2. As an Arsenal supporter and a huge fan of Fabregas, he is not worth 45m. He is a good player but doesnt look the same player that left Arsenal in the first place. He did not get any better and I bet only a Manchester team would come close to paying that 45m. He is another player that is best when playing behind the striker. Like Rooney, Mata, and Kagawa. He doesnt do the defensive work that is needed to play in a box to box role where United need the most help.

      And why would Arsenal look to move their best playing in Ozil? He is 25 years old and won a trophy in his first year.

  2. A first refusal option means nothing if he wants to sign for someone else. He’s not worth 45m In My opinion

    1. Very True.
      But, to be fair, the only time he has turned down a particular club was last summer….

      Definitely not worth 45m.

  3. Smokescreen – Barca does this as Arsenal can buy him for as much as 15mln, or else get 50% from the fee whoever else does. So it is a win-win situation for Arsenal.

  4. Barca think once a player puts on one of their shirts, they’re worth twice the money. Utd won’t buy him, they have Mata.

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