Mauro Icardi And Maxi Lopez Controversy Spills Over to New Viral Video [VIDEO]

The World Cup is a time to see the creative mind of ad companies trying to innovate and make campaigns go viral. Unfortunately, recently Pepsi launched their newest campaign in Argentina but have done so for all the wrong reasons.

Striker Mauro Icardi has become one of the most controversial figures in Serie A and not because of what he does on the pitch. The Inter playmaker constantly makes headlines off the pitch due to his relationship with Argentine entertainer Wanda Nara after she left her husband, Sampdoria’s Maxi López, for the man that was at one point Maxi’s good friend.

People have taken to trolling social media accounts regarding the controversy, but now it’s gone to a new level after Icardi and Nara appeared in a Pepsi commercial for Argentina. In the commercial, Icardi is stealing Pepsi tops from different fans and teammates. He is also shown breaking into cars and houses in order to try to get a free Pepsi.

But this commercial gets personal when Icardi is seen running out of a house he just broke into, with his girlfriend waiting for him in their getaway car. As they drive away, the car has a sticker with the names of two kids — both Maxi López’ children.

Obviously, the commercial didn’t go over too well to the Argentine audience as their country finds itself mired in a wave of violence and insecurity in the streets that has rocked many lives and families. So seeing a player stealing obviously is not a good role model.

Even their slogan turned off many people. “Ganar por Afano,” which translates to “win by stealing.”

I guess we’ll now have to wait until Coca-Cola and Quilmes come out with their commercials, to see commercials that will empower Argentina for all the right reasons instead of appealing to decadence.

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