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Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Sings ‘Born To Be Wild’ In New Soft Drink Ad [VIDEO]

luis suarez 600x325 Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Sings Born To Be Wild In New Soft Drink Ad [VIDEO]

Liverpool’s Luis Suárez once again made headlines in his native Uruguay, but not for what he was doing on the pitch.  After reports that he will be named Player of the Year by the PFA later today, Suarez continues to put a smile on the faces of Liverpool supporters.

Suarez is now the face of the Uruguayan national team in his home country and as he is on the verge of making history in the Premier League.  That’s why Pepsi has decided to use him in a promotion where fans could meet him.

The first video is a trailer featuring Suarez as a rock star in concert.  The Liverpool star is dressed all in leather, with guitar in hand and wearing sunglasses as he’s decked out in typical rockstar mode.

Suarez rocks out to Born To Be Wild, which is what he does to most opposing defenses week-in and week-out in the Premier League..

After he’s done “belting out” the lyrics to that rebellious anthem, he does his trademark gesture of kissing the inside of his wrists. The videos show the joker and light-hearted side of a player that has been mired in controversy throughout his career.

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2 Responses to Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Sings ‘Born To Be Wild’ In New Soft Drink Ad [VIDEO]

  1. CassanovaFrankenstein says:

    Good old Chompers!

  2. Davis says:

    Surprised he can get sponsorship deals after the whole biting two different players during games incidents….

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