Review of ESPN’s Explosive ‘Hillsborough’ Documentary; Will Air On ESPN at 8pm ET Tuesday

Twenty five years after the Hillsborough Disaster, there are still people who question who was to blame for the tragedy that killed 96 fans. With Tuesday’s premiere of ‘Hillsborough,’ a brand new documentary that will air on ESPN at 8pm ET, the myth that Liverpool fans were to blame can unequivocally be ruled out.

In a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking, Hillsborough finally puts all of the key evidence into one emotionally charged and powerful film that explains what happened before, during and after the Hillsborough Disaster, and puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the police and authorities who made a calculated decision to enact a massive cover-up to blame Liverpool supporters for the tragedy that killed 96 innocent soccer fans.

Despite glaring evidence from The Lord Justice Taylor report and the Hillsborough Independent Panel, there still remains the urban myth that drunken, ticketless Liverpool supporters – pushing their way into the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest – were the reason for the crush that killed the Liverpool supporters in the Leppings Lane stand. That myth was propagated by the South Yorkshire Police, which was then taken verbatim by the tabloid newspapers and spun into “the truth” despite considerable evidence to suggest the opposite. To make matters worse, especially in the United States, a shock-jock radio show host went on a crusade to spin the lies on an impressionable audience, many of whom didn’t know any better.

Thankfully, ESPN and director Daniel Gordon have produced an incredible film that is, in my opinion, THE most important soccer film ever made. The film features plenty of never seen before footage as well as candid interviews with soccer fans who were there that fateful day. The film is an emotional roller coaster that will make you angry, cry and carry on in disbelief that it took the UK government 25 years to come to understand what really happened on April 15 and in the aftermath.

The film painstakingly pieces together CCTV footage with photographs as well as radio and TV commentary plus reenactments to present a convincing amount of evidence to paint the police and government as inept organizations that were focused on covering up what really happened to protect their own careers as well as to prevent the key figures from being prosecuted for the crimes they committed.

A new inquest is currently ongoing in England to examine the case, so the film won’t be shown in the UK. But I must admit that while the documentary is a must-see film that every soccer fan needs to watch, some of the subject matter in Hillsborough will be unfit for children to watch due to the emotional distress the film may cause.

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