Listen to the Bizarre Interview With Massimo Cellino, Potential Owner of Leeds United [AUDIO]

Italian businessman Massimo Cellino will find out tomorrow whether his appeal to become the new owner of Leeds United will be approved or not. The Football League rejected his attempt to take over the club, but Cellino appealed the decision and now awaits the final decision.

In the meantime, an Internet radio station named White Leeds Radio released a 22-minute audio interview with Cellino this week, which has been taken down from Soundcloud. Thankfully, someone posted it to YouTube (see below). And the interview is a must-listen.

Cellino uses frank language to describe the turmoil that’s happening at the club right now, saying that if he’s not allowed to buy the club, Leeds United will go bankrupt. Cellino also has some choice words for David Haigh, the managing director of Leeds United.

After listening to the audio below, it’s no wonder the club is in such a mess with high wages, a big payroll and chaotic scenes happening within the club as well as forces (such as Ken Bates) on the outside up to no good.

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