Jose Mourinho Says Chelsea’s Title Hopes Are Over After Defeat to Crystal Palace [VIDEO]

Jose Mourinho says that Chelsea’s Premier League title hopes are over after his side lost 1-0 against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

In the post-match interview, Mourinho said that the title race is now out of his hands, while managing to also aim a dig at referee Chris Foy — who, Mourinho believes, may have cost Chelsea the title because he red carded Willian and Ramires in the 1-0 loss against Aston Villa.

“I think we now we lose any chance of finishing first. We now depend on other results. I know that Mr Foy’s weekend was an important weekend in this run, but today we threw away three points,” said Mourinho.

Watch the post-match interview here:

8 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Says Chelsea’s Title Hopes Are Over After Defeat to Crystal Palace [VIDEO]”

  1. The only thing better than his comments was watching the Plastic Chelsea Supporters leave the pub with 10 mins left into the match.

    To those real Chelsea Supporters, they stuck around and watched football, good on you!

  2. More of Mourinho’s posturing; attempt to put pressure back on City, Liverpool. “It’s yours to lose, boys!”

    Don’t think Pellegrini will worry. he seems to cut through Mourinho bluster like a knife through butter.

    1. Technically it is all top four teams to lose. If any one of them wins out, they will likely win the title. I obviously want Liverpool to win, but I even more want Chelsea and Mourinho to lose.

  3. I don’t think anyone takes Jose seriously much anymore. He was interesting during his first stint at Chelsea but has become stale in his second coming.

  4. As a serious Chelsea supporter, I believe Mourinho is accomplishing what he wants with his consistent ridiculous comments in the media. This past season is the least I have read about the actual PLAYERS on the team in years. Although he makes himself look like a pompous jerk (which he very well may be), he distracts the media away from the players and what’s happening on the pitch and directs it at himself. I think this tactic has helped the team perform this season.

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