WATCH Real Madrid 3-4 Barcelona, el Clasico Goal Highlights In HD [VIDEO]

Today’s el Clasico had everything — 7 goals, 3 penalties, 1 red card, 1 hat-trick and 1 Leo Messi, with Barcelona shocking many by securing a 4-3 win at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Spain’s capital.

Ronaldo, in his post-match interview, inferred there was a conspiracy:

“There were many [refereeing] mistakes. In Madrid-Barca matches must have a referee that’s able to match the quality of the game.

“In that state you can’t make the right decisions. I don’t want to justify anything, my penalty might have been in or out, but there were a lot of other things. It was a difficult fight. Maybe there were a lot of people that didn’t want us to win today, which would leave Barcelona out of the La Liga title race.

“I’ve been here for awhile now. It was important for Barcelona to survive. Obviously it annoys them if Madrid win, the biggest club in the world. It creates jealously, which is normal. I understand that by playing at this club, I’m not treated equally. They can say it’s fair all they want, but it’s not, whether we play at home or away. People wanted Barcelona to remain in the title fight and there they are.”

Watch the official goal highlights here:

8 thoughts on “WATCH Real Madrid 3-4 Barcelona, el Clasico Goal Highlights In HD [VIDEO]”

  1. Ronaldo speaks the truth. Even admitting his penalty may not have been.

    But the two for Barca were horiffic calls.

  2. Pepe is such a punk…straight from the school of Jose Mou. How do the officials keep falling for his shindig time and time again we will never know.

  3. As I am a Real Madrid fan, so it’s really disappointing to see them lost. I just want to say one thing, Neymar should get an Oscar for acting. If Neymar didn’t over-act that time, Ramos wouldn’t get red card and the game would be much more interesting. Anyway congrats Barsa and all Barsa fans around the world. I hope Neymar won’t act over in 2014 fifa world cup

  4. I wonder if they will show a replay of the match everyone on here seems to have watched. Because the one I watched live with all the replays, and then seeing the postgame, highlight express on bein sport, and ESPNFC I’m failing to see the horrific penalties everyone is talking about. For me, the only questionable penalty was Ronaldo’s being outside the box. But watching it real time and full speed replays I thought he was in. It wasn’t until the slow motion replay that you could really tell contact occurred with both feet outside the area. So I don’t fault the referee at all on that one. The Neymar penalty was simply a penalty. That was unfortunate for Ramos. Neymar slowed down coming from an angle, and Ramos tried to avoid contact but his momentum carried him into him and clearly got him both in the leg and with his arm. By the letter of the law, it was a clear goal scoring opportunity and an automatic straight red. Lets not forget that it was the 19th red for Ramos since joining Los Blancos. I’m sure its a conspiracy, and they he doesn’t put himself in bad situations. On the Inesta penalty, he played the ball through and was splitting the defenders and clearly got contacted on both legs as he got sandwiched between defenders taking him down. The referee also rightly didn’t award penalties on dives earlier by Ronaldo (the cross too high, and lunged forward like he got hit with a shovel) , Neymar, and Di Maria’s dives at the corner of their boxes. I thought given the size and pressure of the match the referee did a phenomenal job. The only part I found truly disgusting and that the referee missed wasn’t mentioned. The Mascherano (I think it was him) stepping on Pepe’s head after the embarrassing Pepe / Cesc headbutt where they simultaneously dropped. That was pathetic all the way around… Pepe, Cesc, and Mascherano.

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