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New Live Chat Feature Debuts Sunday For Man Utd-Liverpool and Spurs-Arsenal Games

premier league derbies 600x337 New Live Chat Feature Debuts Sunday For Man Utd Liverpool and Spurs Arsenal Games

This Sunday, World Soccer Talk will debut a brand-new feature to our Open Threads. In addition to the usual (and popular) Open Thread where readers can join the conversation in the comments section while watching games, we’ll be offering a live chat of Manchester United against Liverpool and Tottenham versus Arsenal.

The live chat of the games will be integrated into the Open Threads, and will feature Johnathan Starling providing a live chat as well as other news and updates exclusively for World Soccer Talk readers.

Johnathan will be a familiar name to veteran World Soccer Talk readers. He was an integral part of the early years of the EPL Talk website where he hosted live chats, hosted the EPL Talk Podcast and often wrote for the site about the Premier League and world soccer. We can’t wait to have Johnathan back.

The idea behind the live chat is to allow World Soccer Talk readers to watch the games live on television but offer an alternative to the domestic commentary. With the live alternative commentary, World Soccer Talk readers will be able to chat live with other readers and Johnathan directly. And there’s an opportunity for readers to be added live on-air, to share their opinions.

The alternative commentaries won’t be offered for every match, but we’re debuting the new feature this Sunday in the double header featuring Manchester United-Liverpool and Tottenham-Arsenal.

Visit World Soccer Talk on Sunday morning. The live alternative commentary begins at 9:20am ET on the homepage.

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8 Responses to New Live Chat Feature Debuts Sunday For Man Utd-Liverpool and Spurs-Arsenal Games

  1. Tony Butterworth says:

    Is this legal ?

  2. Brian says:

    Seriously. Are you having a steffi graff. Who cares what Johnny no mark thinks. Get some proper talent on, this site regresses every single time I log on. Dullard central.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Sounds like someone who has a hidden agenda. If you’re willing to finance the hiring of “proper talent,” let’s talk. Plus, have you listened to him before, or are you just trying to be negative?

    • scott says:

      Give em a break dude they aren’t perfect, nothing is, but they do good work around here and aren’t afraid to experiment and when they screw up, they admit it and make it right, I don ‘t think you can ask for more.

    • Guy says:

      So says Gus Johnson’s agent. “Don’t come back,” is the answer to your problem.

    • eplnfl says:


      Sounds like you need to look on the brighter side of life. What Chris and the crew have done over the years on no budget has been a minor miracle.

      Seems like you are a bit lonely. Hey here’s an idea stop by the chat and meet a few new friends. It may change your life for the positive.

  3. eplnfl says:

    Great news. In one week we have Kartik’s book which is a must read. I read it already and now we have Jonathan back with a live chat!

    Chris is getting the old band back together. Many of those here many not have heard Jonathan from the early days of EPL Talk. No one puts as much passion and energy into a game commentary as he does. He is a student of the league and knows the team rosters back and forth.

    I may not be able to join in today but will want to join in as much as possible in the future. Who knows we may even get Atlanta Pomey to join in and the Tokyo Toffeman.

    Good luck JS.

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