Seattle Sounders vs Sporting Kansas City, Opening 2014 MLS Game: Open Thread

Today’s opening game of the 2014 MLS season between Seattle Sounders and Sporting Kansas City kicks off at 3pm ET today on NBCSN.

It’s one of the most highly anticipated MLS seasons in recent memory after a crop of big signings by the league, but now it’s time for teams to do the talking on the pitch rather than off it.

Starting line-ups

Seattle: Frei; Yedlin, Marshall, Traore, Remick; Pappa, Alonso, Evans (C), Neagle; Cooper, Martins

Sporting Kansas City: Kronberg; Ellis, Collin, Besler (C), Gardner; Olum, Feilhaber, Zusi; Sapong, Dwyer, Peterson

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world who are watching the game.

View the MLS schedule to see the remainder of games being shown this weekend on television and MLS Live.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs Sporting Kansas City, Opening 2014 MLS Game: Open Thread”

  1. The game is crying out for a goal.

    The wet field is making some of the play sloppy. I’ve never played on a wet artificial turf before, so I’m not sure how much tougher it is when its wet. Has anyone else played on a wet pitch like that?

  2. This game has been a *great* kickoff to the season. Only the truest of the true MLS haters can find something negative to say about this match.

    1. Snooze fest. All the other MLS games were much better. Don’t know why NBC decided to show this game.

      Also – what’s wrong with MLS:

      Same things as the last 9 years. Clumsy play, tackling, poor ball touch and control. Plus – playing on artificial surface. It rains just as much in Scotland and England as in Seattle.

      I so want MLS to improve and succeed but league has been stagnant for far too long. Plus after the game I found out MLS was using scab refs – as Garber and Co locked out regular refs. Won’t watch MLS till no more scabs.

  3. Wow did this game go according to the leagues script. A stoppage time goal with Dempsey in the lead to please the home crowd.

    It’s just the beginning.

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