Vincent Tan Offered Cardiff Players Illegal Bonus Before Spurs Game: Nightly Soccer Report

As if Cardiff City’s first and perhaps only season in the Premier League couldn’t have gotten any worse, but now the league is investigating claims that club owner Vincent Tan offered his players an illegal bonus of £3.7million to avoid relegation.

The Guardian newspaper reports that Tan met with the players before last weekend’s game against Tottenham and offered the bonus, which would be split among the footballers as a reward for keeping the club in the top flight this season. However, Premier League clubs have to report bonus schemes to the league at the beginning of the season. Tan allegedly was so confident that the club would stay up that he decided not to offer bonuses for his players.

The paper reports that “A spokesman for Tan told the Mail: ‘We didn’t realize it was against regulations. Vincent Tan has now rescinded the offer.’ Cardiff could in theory face a fine or even a points deduction should the league deem the matter sufficiently serious.”

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