Cesc Fabregas Says Critics Need to Shut Up For A Few Days After Barca Beat Manchester City [VIDEO]

In his post-match interview, Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas sent a message to critics by saying they’ll have to shut up for a few days after his club convincingly defeated Manchester City 2-0 at Etihad Stadium.

“Everyone was saying ‘Barcelona is not the same Barcelona.’ Some people talking a bit too much, as usual. Now they’ll have to shut up for a few days.”

Meanwhile, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini had this to say about the referee:

“I think the referee decided the game. From the beginning, I felt the referee was not impartial.

“”He did not have any control of the game. I do not think it was a good idea having a referee from Sweden in charge.”

Critics will argue that Barcelona continually get the rub of the green when it comes to refereeing decisions such as the one today when Martin Dimichelis was red-carded after fouling Messi. Some would argue that it should have been a free kick outside of the box instead of a penalty.

In an interview while he was Real Madrid manager, here’s what Jose Mourinho said about playing against Barcelona:

“I have to train with 10 men [when his team plays Barcelona], how to play with 10 men, because I go there with Chelsea, I finish with 10, I go there with Inter, I finish with 10 and I have to train to play with 10 men because it can happen again.”

Watch the post-match interview with Fabregas here:

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