WATCH World Soccer Radio, Live at 9pm ET; Tonight’s Topics: (1) Preview of MLS 2014 Season (2) Piers Morgan & Arsenal

Tonight on World Soccer Radio 9PM ET/6PM PT:

Nick and Danny chat with Kyle McCarthy, MLS Editor, at @foxsoccer about MLS calendar changes, expansion and a peek ahead at the upcoming MLS season. Also, we’ll chat about Arsenal and ask if @piersmorgan is right in calling for Wenger to go.

The live broadcast of World Soccer Radio begins at 9pm ET and runs until 10pm ET. The show is on every weeknight, and features Nick Geber, best known for his Fox Football Friday and World Soccer Daily shows.

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One thought on “WATCH World Soccer Radio, Live at 9pm ET; Tonight’s Topics: (1) Preview of MLS 2014 Season (2) Piers Morgan & Arsenal”

  1. Piers Morgan is a fupping bell end. His team are second in the richest league in the world and all he can do is moan moan moan. He seems to take delight when they dont do well and is constantly criticising his own team, players and Wenger. Id like to see him keep Arsenal constantly in the Champions League with the funds Wenger has had whilst up against the spending power of the likes of Chelski, Citeh, Utd, Liverpool and Spurs who have all way outspent him… Up till the signiing of Ozil he has had a net spend of less than Moyes at Everton and everyone raved about Moyes… (lol Moyes)… Wenger has made plenty of mistakes, is very stubborn and can be frustrating but he has done tonnes for Arsenal and deserves respect from some of these ungrateful so called fans (idiots). Its because of him that they will be financially sound in the future. I dont think they will win the league but I really hope they do coz Wenger deserves it and the club deserves it too as they dont financially dope as much as Citeh Chelski etc. Not so sure a lot of the fans deserve it tho.

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