WATCH Manchester United 2-2 Fulham Match Highlights [VIDEO]

In a match where everybody expected Manchester United to come out with three important points, the Red Devils were held by a Fulham side who sit bottom of the table.

It looked more of a mismatch with the quality of players Manchester United had in their starting line-up against a struggling Premier League side who are currently trying to avoid the relegation zone. Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata all lined up to start the match, but it was Fulham’s Steve Sidwell who shocked the reigning champions with a 19th minute goal after a sublime chip into the box from Lewis Holtby.

United struggled to break down a resolute Fulham side for long spells, and they were staring down the barrel of a ninth league defeat of the season at one stage as goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg excelled.

Manchester United definitely dominated the possession in the match and were looking too desperate to score, at times, but it was Fulham defenders Dan Burn and Johnny Heitinga who were preventing — what is on paper — one of the best attacking threats in the Premier League from scoring. It was a match where crosses flew in from both wings, but those crosses could be best summed up in two tweets:

However, Manchester United finally broke through. It was talisman Robin Van Persie who swept in Juan Mata’s attempted shot from three yards at the far post in the 78th minute and, less than two minutes later, Carrick’s deflected strike from outside the penalty area that sailed into the top corner of the net, which was celebrated emphatically by David Moyes. It seemed that Manchester United had achieved one of those late comebacks that former manager Sir Alex Ferguson was famous for. But in the dying minutes, it was Fulham striker Darren Bent who spoiled the party by scoring an equalizer in injury time to deal another crippling blow to David Moyes’s season.

During the match, former Manchester United assistant manager Rene Meulensteen gave new signings John Heitinga and Ryan Tunnicliffe their first Fulham debuts while 18-year-old forward Muamer Tankovic made his first Premier League start. While on the other side it was Nemanja Vidic who, after announcing he will quit Manchester United at the end of the season, returned from a three match suspension to captain the Red Devils.

This result surely gives David Moyes many questions to contemplate considering that even with almost all of the star player and first squad players available, he is not able to deliver victory against the weakest side in the league at Old Trafford. If he can’t beat Fulham, how will he be able to manage when Manchester United travel to the Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal, and to Greece to face the Greek Champions Olympiacos in their Champions League draw at the end of the month?

Here are the highlights from the match. Due to rights restrictions, the video can only be viewed by readers in the United States:

11 thoughts on “WATCH Manchester United 2-2 Fulham Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. lets hear the excuses now. Before it was he didn’t have rooney and Rvp. Now he has Mata, Rooney and RVP on the pitch and the team is still losing.
    Its cross after cross after cross. Every single tactics involves a cross and getting at the end of it…*SMH

    1. We spent a club record to but a 5’7 player so we could lump balls into (and well over, and behind, and…) the box. Makes no sense.

      We employ a game plan where crosses are essential, but the inverted wingers (Mata, Young) Moyes played prefer to never touch the ball with their weaker foot, so all the crosses are coming from wonky angles. Makes even less sense.

      If the Italians rumoured to want to sign Vidic after this season watched the first goal, he’s more likely to be playing for Grimsby Town than Inter Milan.


  2. lets hear the excuses now. Before it was he didn’t have rooney and Rvp. Now he has Mata, Rooney and RVP on the pitch and the team is still losing.
    Its cross after cross after cross. Every single tactics involves a cross and getting at the end of it…*SMH

  3. Watching Moye$ over celebrate was worth it to see him get that grim stupid look on his face after that equalizer. Couldnt happen to a better person.

  4. he is not capable to manage the big club like MAN UTD…he must leave our club soon as possible..we cant loose like new in premier league.. we have to stop him and fergie must be back for this few games..till the end of premier league on this season…out moyes out moyes…GGMU GGMU

    1. Bringing Fergie back would be the worst thing to do! He’s not going to be around forever and running back to him will get you nowhere in the long run. You have to move on at some point. Face facts – you won’t find another manager like him in this lifetime because the true greats are few and far between.

      No club has a given right to success and this is something you will quickly begin to understand now :)

  5. United are not going to sack Moyes now. If they do it will be at the end of the season.

    For United to have any chance, it’s an outside chance, at finishing 4th they have to beat Arsenal and hope for Liverpool to drop points at Fulham (Liverpool are known for following a terrific win with a poor result and have a very poor away record). A United loss and a Liverpool win will surely mean the end of a top 4 spot. Then even a Europa League spot will be a huge task and if United don’t get a Europa League spot then Moyes will be replaced in the summer.

  6. If you ask me what went wrong with the team Moyes fielded on Saturday’s clash with Fulham football club,I would candidly say its Moyes’ dreadful fault. Even though I am not a professional coach, but I tell you, Moyes lacks the ability to select a winning team. Not that the players are not good, but the problem with Moyes is, he doesn’t quite understand how to place the players in their correct positions. Two matches past, that of Stoke City and Fulham. Did you noticed that the team were playing without a right-outside winger? Moyes continued fielding Juan Mata at outside-right wing, would definitely kill the power of the team. If you watch at those matches, you will agree with me that deliberately,Moyes failed to play the correct out-side right winger,{Antonio Valencia}substituting him for reasons best known to Moyes himself. Saturday’s clash with Fulham left the out-side right wing completely opened with Rafael playing both the left-half back and the out-side right wings which eventually saw him overworking until he was called off the field, with Valencia substituting him. Mata, being placed at the out-side right wing left that wing to play the number 8 wing leaving the out-side right wing opened. Why on earth Moyes benching Valencia? What is his tactics for benching the only very good, speedy and strong out-side right winger the the team has at the moment? Why Moyes continue to play Mata at out-side right wing? Why Moyes can’t always try this winning team: Gea, Evans, Evra, Rafael, Smalling/Jones, Mata, RVP,Rooney, Valencia Carrick and Cleverly. Playing them in their correct and rightful wings. Every match, you noticed a different team and players in their wrong positions. Does Moyes listen to suggestions from all over the football communities? Don’t he understands the Manchester way? You can’t even understand what tactics Moyes is using to win. That is why always, the team would lack total cohesiveness. How long would it take Moyes to go through this so-called transition period? Can I suggest that he would spend the whole season to go through this transition period? I am please asking for Moyes direct contact so as to be able to get on to him for lasting solutions to his dreadful pattern of managing the club. Just imagine, within six (6) months, Moyes has drag the club to his former positions when he was managing Everton Football Club,[7th, 8th, 9th,and so on positions). Trust me folks, this man, moyes is not the fitted coach of this club. No matter what money is bestowed on him to buy players, he can’t deliver at all. One thing I have noticed from this man is, he is trying to let go the old Manchester style of play (flank balls} to limit them in playing in the middle when he has not got the type of mid-field players to man such a tactic. Manchester United have been used to playing flank balls which has become their style, why the change? This is one more factor among those that I have explained above that has led to the disgraced end. Look at the teams that are causing havoc against Manchester United. It seems as if Manchester United has now been rated like any of the smaller clubs in the Premier League. I am afraid for possible relegation from playing the Champions League not even qualifying. Sorry to speak, but it is true….

  7. Look at his photograph above,he is always bowing his head in shame. This shows that the man is not the fitted manager to man such a big club. Sir Alex Ferguson, have you seen the big mistake that you have done to the club? Why did you use your country man to succeed you when you actually knew that he can’t deliver positive results? Mourinho, who should have been your right successor was been pushed aside due to your willful bitterness against him. Now, have you seen where Mourinho have taken Chelsea Football Club? I know in your heart, Sir Alex, that you feel regretted. You just can;t say it openly, but you felt let-down by your country man, Moyes the Scotch. You have the BLAME. Ferguson!

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