Magic, Medicine, Myths and the Reality of Falcao’s Injury

People always are enamored with the impossible storyline.  You know the one I’m talking about; that plot in which the protagonist, with tangible characteristics that are overshadowed only by their immeasurable intangibles, overcomes an incident that had the potential to change their life forever. Moreover, that entire experience makes them even better and they end up obtaining glory.

In Colombia, that is the story that has been Radamel Falcao’s greatest challenge. Nearly eight years to the date of his first anterior cruciate ligament tear, the former River Plate man ends up suffering the same fate with just months before the biggest moment of his already illustrious career.

“Right now Colombia is in the denial stage of grief,” said columnist Gabriel Meluk of El Tiempo in his Sunday column.

Currently you can also say that Colombians are scattershot in their emotions.  Some are in the midst of anger, some are looking to bargain while there are others that are depressed and see a dark future for them while their leading goalscorer is out.

There were candlelight vigils and prayer circles done throughout Colombia in an effort to hope beyond hope and reality but the reality of the moment is too strong to deny.  Well wishes and holding on to every scant bit of hope that doctors gave of him being in Brazil is still a topic in Colombian culture.

Still it is very difficult to move on when hearing that “the next three months are crucial” and that “there is a chance that he can still play” as was mentioned by doctor Jose Carlos Noronha.  Falcao also was willing hold on to hope “even if it was a one percent chance”.  All the talk of Falcao using hyperbaric chambers and other elaborate technique to make and attempt to get there harkens back to David Beckham’s sprint to recover in time for the 2002 World Cup after the challenge he received from Aldo Duscher.

There are timetables that a person experiences that is undergoing the type of rehabilitation that Falcao will be beginning in the coming days. He can be the fittest individual; he could be a super-disciplined individual that will make every effort possible to become the exception rather than the rule.  He may have all the faith and pray every single day along with 47 million other Colombians; but injuries of his nature only know one thing — time.

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