Stoke City Sign John Guidetti and Stephen Ireland

Stoke City have signed John Guidetti on loan from Manchester City as well as the permanent signing of Stephen Ireland from Aston Villa.

Guidetti is on loan at Stoke City for the rest of the season. The striker is highly-regarded by Manchester City supporters who have long romanticized about how good of a footballer he is, but both former manager Roberto Mancini and current manager Manuel Pellegrini never seemed to give him much of a chance. When he was on loan at Feyenoord, he scored 20 goals in 23 appearances.

Now on loan at Stoke, he’s got the perfect opportunity to earn some playing time to show City and the rest of the league whether he’s nearly as good as he’s supposed to be.

Meanwhile, journeyman midfielder Stephen Ireland has secured a permanent deal from Aston Villa to Stoke City. The Republic of Ireland international had been on a season-long loan deal from Villa, but the loan deal has been turned into a permanent transfer.

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7 thoughts on “Stoke City Sign John Guidetti and Stephen Ireland”

  1. Mancini loved him, sent out on loan and he got sick at the end of his loan spell at Feyenoord. He has spent the last 18 months trying to get healthy enough to play, he lost all feeling in his leg. He’s just now ready to begin playing at full tilt again.

  2. Looks the business on that video. Hopefully he can hit the ground running on Saturday and ruin Pulis’ first game against us.

      1. Good news, saves a wage this end and hopefully gives him game time before Brazil. Nothing worse than watching a player waste away.

  3. Yes! The Swedish Unicorn himself!

    I am thrilled to see that he will presumably get some PL action. And hopefully he can show how good he is supposed to be and put lots of goals past Chelsea, Arsenal, and Yarrrniiiii’ed when Stoke plays all of them.

    What is amazing about Guidetti is that he is an actual Sven signing for City; this is how long we have been hearing about how great he is and what he is supposedly capable of. Scored a huge number of goals in Holland, but pretty much everybody does.

    Nevertheless, Pellers rates him highly and tried hard to pick him up on loan last year before the most recent of a long line of injuries/illnesses.

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