WATCH Jermain Defoe Presented As Toronto FC Footballer: Press Conference [VIDEO]

England striker Jermain Defoe will be unveiled to the public and media as Toronto FC’s newest signing today at 11am ET at a press conference, which is being streamed live.

You can watch the Toronto officials and Defoe speaking and fielding questions below.

Tottenham Hotspur announced three days ago that Defoe had been signed by MLS side Toronto FC, and that the move will take effect on February 28.

In the build-up to today’s press conference, Toronto FC have been running a campaign entitled “It’s a bloody big deal” to draw attention to the signing and to create a buzz around the signing of a clinical England striker.

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4 thoughts on “WATCH Jermain Defoe Presented As Toronto FC Footballer: Press Conference [VIDEO]”

  1. Defoe still has a lot of goals in him. In the Premier League. I understand that money matters but it is beyond me how Defoe and Bradley would agree to join the worst professional football team in the history of football.

    And, those two alone won’t make that big a difference for Toronto FC. They will probably acount for half the salary cap for the side and the supporting cast will be as awful as every other year.

    What was Bradley thinking!? As a footballer, you need to push yourself to play with the best, Totti, De Rossi, Gervinho, etc. and succeed playing alongside the best. This has to be the worst move for an American footballer, alongside Dempsey’s disaster at Seattle.

    Defoe…sure it makes a bit more sense as he is over 30 now (even though he showed the other day he can still cut it at the highest level). But, Bradley?

    1. You do know TFC has Laba, Gilberto(six best leading scorer in Brazil), Dero, young HG player Osorio, Rey……..ex. They have way more then just Bradley & Defoe.

  2. I’m surprised that Michael Bradley dropped in on the press conference to be unveiled as a Toronto player, too. I thought he would have had his own press conference. Oh well, it’s a pleasant surprise!

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